Friday, July 20, 2007

Definitely T.G.I.F! ! ! ! ! ! !

I AM SOOOO GLAD IT IS FRIDAY. I have had just a stange week and there was not even a full moon.

To recap my week.....

Monday it seemed like everything I did was wrong.

Tuesday I went to lunch and my car was running just fine but when I came out to go home when I turned the key....nothing. One of the guys in my office came and gave me a jump start. I met my friend Jen at Social Suppers to check it out (more on that later) and when I came out, nothing. The car had to be towed in to the shop.

Wednesday the resultof the car thing was that the battery cables were loose. So this little episode cost a total of $110, including car rental.

Thursday I woke up with what I think now was a migraine without the headache. I felt as I used to when I had a migraine making me somewhat dizzy and sensitive to the sunlight. I was fine is sitting still but moving my head would bring on the dizziness. I thought maybe my blood pressure was up but when I took it it was 120/72 so that was not it.

  • Here is the part about Social Suppers . It is a place where they have all of the ingredients prepared for the dishes you select and you just go in and combine the ingredients and package them to freeze and use later. I went in to do the dishes I selected Chicken Maribella, Chicken Saltinboco, Meatball Calzone, and Raspberry stuffed french toast. The whole think took about 30 minutes. After Social Suppers I came home and went to bed and slept all night.

Today I woke up still a little dizzy. So, I tried the french toast this morning (it was great). I once again took my blood pressure and this time it was 152/82. I waited about 10 minutes then tried it again. This time it was 122/76. I proceeded to get ready for work and when I was walking out the door my ears popped and the dizziness went away.

Evidently, my ears were vapor locked. After this I have felt great all day.

Let the strangeness end here. Tomorrow is another day and I have faith that it being a Saturday will be great.

Needless to say, I have not done much knitting this week so I have much to catch up with.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Car Update

I am happy to say that the problem with my car was minor. As it turns out the battery cables were loose. I would have thought that the tow truck driver should have figured that our but did not so oh well.

The bill was $40 plus $70 for the POS Ford Escape Hybrid that the rental company that starts with an E. I hate dealing with them but since they are the only one who will pick you up. Anyway, glad that episode is over. No on to other things.

I am on the verge of completing about three project; sweater, shell and scarf. I need to get myself organized this week and get them done so I can start about three more things clapotis, Berroco knitting bag and seed bead bag. I think it is my knitting ADD at work. There are about ten things I really want to do but there is so much to do and so little time to do it. I think I need a project planning session. At least I need to get my patterns out and narrow the list. Will give that some thought this weekend.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Time for a New Car?

You may remember that this past November I paid my car off. Something I have not done in a long time. I was so happy to have accomplished this. The car has been such a good car that has 92,000 miles with very little trouble. Well, I spoke to soon.

On the way home from vacation I got a call from my uncle informing me that my car was dead. Being such a great guy he took my old battery and got it replaced so the car was running when I got home. I drove the car all week with no problem. I drove the car at lunch today.

I got in the car after work to meet my friend Jen and while on the phone letting her know that I was leaving when I turned the key it would not start. I got one of the guy at the office to jump start it for me. One would think that I should be good to go. I stopped to meet Jen and when I got in the car again it would not start.

This situation prompted a call to AAA after I was unable to jump the car with Jen's. The tow guy tried to jump it with not success. The battery was getting juice but would still not start. Alas, the car had to be towed to the shop.

I fear that this is only the beginning. Will have to see what tomorrow brings. I may have to make the decision to trade it in. I was hoping to be able to wait until next year so I could have everything else paid off. I would like to be able to buy the car I want instead of the one I can afford.

Being the prepared knitter that I am, of course I had some knitting in the car to I spent my waiting time wisely. Let that be a lesson to you all. It pays to have car knitting going on.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

What I Did on My Vacation

This is my friend Nancy after meeting me at the St. Louis airport.

She and her husband Don were the vacation coordinators this year and it is thanks to them that this vacation was such a success.

We have been friends for the better part of 40 years so we know many things about each other and our memories a long. Most people think we are sisters. We are thinking of getting tee shirt "No We Are Not Sisters" to wear when we are together.

We drove through Kentucky then on to West Virginia which is very mountainous. They were very lush and green but of course there were a lot of ups and downs. The best part was that by this time I had a little nest in the back seat of the car. I had much time to read and knit. Something I have not done on a trip in many years. I am usually the driver and still as yet have not been able to figure out how to knit or read while driving. Of course, I have not spent time trying to accomplish this.

This is the view from the deck of the condo. The condo was great, having 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and a large kitchen/living room. There was plenty of room for the 8 of us to be together as well as time to ourselves. As you can see the housed are elevated with space for parking underneath. This is to allow for the times when there is high water.

This was the view on the beach every morning. This is truly a privilege to be able to see this even one day in your life. What a wonderful creation. Morning walks were incredible. The one thing I discovered is that it is very difficult to walk on dry sand. The set sand was much better. I had thought there would be a lot more shells on the beach to gather. I did get some nice clam and oyster shells but there was not a lot of variety.

This is more beach. It was something you never get tired of seeing. The waves were pretty rough on the Atlantic side much of the time. We did go to the inlet side one day just to swim. It was much like being at the lake. Very calm and easy to swim. The sand bars went out about 30 feet.

Vacation is sadly over. Next year's vacation is yet to be planned. Many good memories were made for this year and next year's are waiting to be made.

This was my first time to the shore of the eastern coast. I can now say that I have been in the Atlantic, Pacific oceans, and the Gulf of Mexico. Soon I will begin thinking of what next years vacation will bring. Could be Florida or Maine who knows.......?

Monday, July 02, 2007

Hi from the Beach

I have only 8 minutes left on this computer so here is a short post.

We are in Rodanthe, NC on the outer bank island of North Carolina. The beach is great (water is cooler that anticipated) beach very sandy. Condo is great along with the company.

A good time is being had by all. With 8 of us we are still getting along just fine and everyone is speaking to each other. What more would you want on a big group vacation.

Had wonderful seafood last night for dinner .. . . forward to more of the same real soon. I think we are going to go to the light houses one day and at some places you can by fish right from the boat.

Time is running out....more later. Pictures to follow after I return.