Monday, July 14, 2008

Mission Accomplished

Well, last night was the culmination of the last 7 month of work. I went to work at 10:00 and left at 8:00 this morning. Boy, could I easily get used to working a shift 11:00p to 7:00a. I am trully a night person. I was so please that the part of the project I worked on turned out realitively well. Now on to something else.

Since I knew that if I went straight home I would have crashed and the rest of the day would tank so I went to the boat to unwind. It was a good day with a $400 gain, for a change. It must have been my day because it seem, for a change, that I won on everything I played. As Laura said, I won more yarn money.

I took a detour to the Old Mill Stitchery in Liberty on the way home to see what they had on sale. The shop has been rearranged and it seemed that they must be getting ready for Fall inventory. They shelve were a little sparser than in the past. While I was there a yarn sales person was there with some very cool stuff so maybe there will be some new stuff next time I go.

The next stop was KnitCraft for some Noro. I got Color 80 to make an Einstein jacket. I think it will be a neat colorway. KnitCraft has the Kureyon on sale for $5 so that is a great deal. Didn't see anything else I really needed.

I am really trying to stick to the plan of only buying yarn for specific projects. I really need to update my queue and projects on Ravelry. I have not been very good about that and know it is something I need to improve on.

Called Mary to see what she was doing and we ended up going to Starbuck's and knitting for a bit. Such a treat to be able to do that on a week day. Even though I was exhausted and was probably not very coherent, I really enjoyed the time. At 3:00 I finally had to go home and crash. I had not slept since 7:00 Sunday morning.

Once home, I collapsed on the sofa and woke up about 7:00. I wanted to sleep more but knew if I did I would be awake about 2:00am. Mind you I had about 4 cups of coffee today which did not hamper my sleep.

Now I am working on round 2 of the Summer Tank. I ended up frogging the back because it has to many mistakes and was going to be to big. I am already to the motif at the waist and should have the front completed soon then to redo the back. Now I know where the mistakes were it should go fast.

Now I am slowing down again and looking forward to going to bed to finish catching up on sleep. Tomorow is another day.

Monday, July 07, 2008

What I did with my weekend

These are the wonderful friends I spent the holiday with. On the right is my dear friend Nancy, middle Wanda (hosting the afternoon/evening activities) and of course me on the left.

I took the train to St. Louis to be picked up by another friend Friday night then on Saturday Nancy picked me up after the Independence Day parade. We went to the carnival to have lunch and rides then back to the house for a great dinner. Nancy had gotten a watermelon at Walmart that I think was the best I have had in a long time. After a two block walk back to where the carnival was we found our place to watch the fireworks display, which was great.

Finally, the cuff of the first Girl's Best Friend sock is complete. Now on to the rest of the sock and beyond. I took time on the train to figure out what was not working about this pattern. I took only the chart with me and I found that there is an error on the chart and that is what the problem was. I ran into trouble with this spot when I worked on it some time ago and gave up only to start over again. I feel very accomplished now and look forward to finishing this one and the the second. The design does not really show up very well so I will probably do them again in a solid.

We have had a lot of rain here and the Missouri river is pretty full in Kansas City but there is a lot more water in the St. Louis area. This is the ball field in Kimmiswick.

The train ride home was pleasant and uneventful. It is definately the way to go. Roundtrip cost $51. Less than a tank of gas.

So, this morning I am lookong as the peach tree an this is what I saw. The little sucker has been eating my peaches. Good thing there are a lot. There should be plenty for both of us.