Thursday, September 04, 2008

Back from Vacation

As many know I spend last week in Portland. This is a forest fire in the mountains which is very unusual for this area. I think this is the first they have had in a long time. Just shows you how dry it has been everywhere this year.

From the plane I had a great view of Mt. Hood. I have only seen it from a distance when in downtown Portland. Have also seen Mt. St. Helen from there also but not up close. Alas, the were not visible this time.

One day we went to a small amusement park, Oak's Park (like Fairyland Park in Kansas City for those who are old enough to remember) that was ver quaint. It was really sweet that they let the Mommies put the little ones on the rides. Mom really enjoyed being there with Erik and Alexis. It was a fun day.

This was after the tug boat ride.

Sunday we went to the Pittock Mansion which is situated atop a hill that overlooks downtown Portland. The grounds included beautiful gardens. Many containing old fashion roses. This was a lovely place build by the owner then he was 79 years old and he lived there for 5 years until his death. He was a remarkable man who worked until the day he died.

The view of Portland is breath taking. There are many different views. This day was not very clear so you cannot see it but normally you can view both Mt. Hood and St. Helen from here.

I am sorry that I cannot remember the name of this flower but I really think it is wonderful. It looks similare to a rose but that is not what it is. If anyone knows the name please comment.

I really loved the color of this rose. It reminded me of the sunrise.

Yes I did get to do a small amount of yarn shopping. Fifteen minutes to be exact. We went to Yarn Garden to look for sock yarn and unfortunately they were getting ready to close. I did get yarn for socks for Alexis and Erik. Alexis decided that she wanted some for her birthday in November and Christmas. There will be much sock knitting going on this fall.

I am also moving forward with the mitered vest along with several other things. Stay tuned for progress.