Friday, August 22, 2008

OK Time for an Update

As some of you know I lost my contract two weeks ago. I have been pretty busy since then doing house stuff while looking for another job.

The dining room finally got painted, not that I was in a hurry. It had been waiting to be painted since October of last year. I am very happy to have it done and I really like the color. Today I got the drapes hung and purchase the new light which I hope to get installed tonight. I also have the paint of the master bath going. I have been intending to get it painted the last couple of days but have been busy getting errands done and new job related things going.

I am really excited about this contract it is supposed to last 5 years. Sure hope it does. I will be nice to know that I am going to be somewhere for a while and can settle in a little bit. Still the little contractor in the back of my mind will not let me relax completely for a while to make sure it is going to work out well. After the inital period I will be able to let go and get comfortable.

This will free me up to get the rest of the house things done that need to get done before the end of the year and get some money back in savings, which has taken a great hit this year. I had not expected to spend almost $10,000 on the house all at one time.

The new company pays weekly which will be very strange. I have not been paid weekly in about 10 years. I think it will be good but just different. It will be much better than monthly which one company did years ago. I did not like that at all.

As a result I have not been knitting alot. I am still working on a sweater and some other things but not very quickly. It is almost time to start Christmas stuff. Not sure how much of that I will do this year.

I hope now that things can kind of settle down I can decide on what I am going to make and get started. I have ideas but need to find the patterns I want to use.

Monday, August 04, 2008

It is Really Green

I finally got my dining room painted. I went with green but did not anticipate it looking like a ripe avacado. I think it will grow on me just like the new hair color did. The picture does not really show how green it is.

I have some trim to paint and some touch up but other than that I should be ready to put up the drapes and new light (yet to be purchased) by this weekend.It has only taken almost a year. It was time to get it done. Now on to the next room.

Friday is my last day on my current contract. I have been on this one for 7 months. Now it is time for something else. Anybody got BA or Tech Writer job openings where you work. If so, let me know and if you would like to submit my resume for a referral. I know most companies offer from $500 to $1000 for a referral hire.

On the knitting front here is the summer shell ready to do the neck and armhole stitches. Hope to have it finished in time to start my sweater for ravelryolympics on Friday.

My other WIP is ...drum roll please....a shawl. The Luna Moth shawl to be exact. This shawl does not require the use of markers so I thought it was right up my alley. I do use markers when it is absolutely necessary but I perfer not to use them if I can. They seem to get in the way for me, especially if there are YOs involved. I am almost finished with the first repeat so will see how it goes. I am using my Noro sock yarn so I am anxious to see how the colors work out. Stay tuned and you will have the opportunity to see the color changes also.

Well, that should catch me up, blog wise.