Saturday, January 26, 2008

Hurrah for Payday

Yes it is true...Yesterday was once again payday. If you have never not had one for several months you will not be able to relate to the feeling. Unemployment helps a little but it does not hold a candle to Payday. It is such a good feeling to know that there is the potential for another one in two weeks. In fact, it is a very liberating feeling. Not that I am counting but the last time I had that feeling was October 19th of last year. As I have been working as a consultant for most of the last 15 years. I go to great lengths to say as much money as I can for the times when I am not working. I am not sure how others work it but I try to have at least what I need to pay my bills for six months and more if possible.

The new contract is going well. I really like the people I am working with. I think it will be very interesting to be involved in this project, hopefully for a good part of the year. I am looking forward to not looking for a job for a while.

Ok, not to what is happening in the knitting area. I have been working on a Irish hiking scarf using the pattern from on-line but I am using larger needless so it will be looser. I think I really like it better. It is my car knitting so it is taking a little longer to complete but it is about half finished. If my camera had batteries, I would provide a picture but is doesn't so picture in your mind the Irish Hiking scarf in a deep blue about twice the width and length of the picture below.
I really enjoy doing this scarf because it uses so few memory cells since it has an 8 row cable repeat. I actually like doing cables a lot. Not sure why I have not done an Aran sweater as yet but I guess I should put one in my queue.
As ever there is always the ongoing sock. I guess you can never have to many socks. I need to start on some cotton ones for the warmer weather. Before we know it the wool ones will be too warm.
Also, work is continuing on the Petal vest. It may be next year before I get to wear it if I don't get on with finishing it. I guess it just my knitting ADD again. Oh well, on with the knitting!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sunny Sunday Morning

It is colder than a well digger's witch's whatever this morning. As least is is sunny and the streets are clear.

I am sitting here with a nice big hot mug of raspberry tea watching old movies. So far I have watched Meet Me In St Louis, The Fountain Head, and now I am watching I Remember Mama. Today on TMC there is a Patricia Neal series of movies playing so that is why I watch The Fountain. Will probably watch The Subject Was Roses when it plays. There was Patricia Neal interview early this morning that was very good. She is one of my most favorite actress.

Friday night I met some friends a the Majestic Improve at Zona Rosa to see John Bizzarre. I have not seen him before but had heard him on XM radio 150 Comedy. I really enjoyed the theater and show.

He went to Iraq and Kuwait with a group of comedians to entertain the troops. One of the comedians, Danny Bevins, video taped the trip and a DVD was produced called "Comics On Duty-We Love you, Mrs. Bevins". I purchase a copy and found it very heart warming to see now the comedians were received and what it meant to the troops to have them there. Well work a viewing.

I just finished by tweed socks so they are ready to wear. This week I found my Irish Hiking Scarf and remembered how much I enjoyed making it so I decided to make another only this time on larger needles so that it would be a little looser. I like it a lot better than on the smaller needles. While it is very pretty smaller I feel the gadge is to tight for me.

I am also still working on the other WIPs which I will not list again, since I am sure it would bore you, again.

I got my $9.99 books from Crafter's Choice this week and I am please with my selections. After my recent book purchases I cannot imagine that I should ever need to buy another, yah right! Now I have many more things to queue on Ravelry. Oh well, I guess it was bound to happen.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

It Seems Almost Like Spring

We have had some nice weather this past week...up in the 50's-60's with cold at night. It is lovely and is making the trees want to bud. This is not a good thing because you know that it is going to bite us on the butt. Just like last year when the trees bloomed and I had high hopes for my peach tree, then came the freeze and all the blooms were gone and I had no peaches.
This tree came up by itself. Not sure how unless a big bird eat the see them crapped it out landing where the tree came up or another scenario could be that a squirrel burried it thinking it was a nut. Nonetheless, the tree grew next to my deck and I have left it to see what would become of it. Probably should be cut down since it is very close to the deck railing but I haven had the heart to so I have decided to let it go until it becomes impaired and can no longer stay there.

I am starting something new. I signed up sometime ago to distrubute Watkins products. If you are not familiar with Watkins it is a company that has been in business since the lat 1800's and is best know for their pure vanilla and cinnamin. Their produce line includes some of the best herbs and spices as well as cleaning and personal products. Check out my website .

If you would like to place an order online please reference my Associate No 375714 to allow me to get credit for the order. At this time I am marketing online to see how things go.

I have used these products for years and have been completely satisfied with everything I have used. I particulary love the Soup and Veg Mix. I used it is my soup and just about everything else, when I do cook.
I am giving this a try for some extra pocket change and to have something built over time that I can do when I retire. I want to have something that will make me want to get up and going in the morning when I retire that has some value and that I can do from anywhere. I think we all need to look to the future.
OK, know on to the important stuff....knitting. I have not started anything new this week, in an attempt to get better organized and get some FO's in the can for the new year. I am nearly finished with one pair of socks that are Regia Tweed. I thought I needed something that was a little more subtle to where for work rather than the stripy ones. I am still working on the Petal vest getting ready to start the 3rd row. Also, working on the Best Girl Friend Socks. I need to take a look at them and see where I am off on the chart. It just does not look right.
Still on the list is the Hemlock Ring. I want to get it finished soon. It seems as though I was excited about it at first then when I got the hardest part done, I backe bored with it. I just need to pick it up and the the fan and feather part to get it off the needles. It is my goal this year to finish up all the WIP's so I can feel better about starting new things. I do not want any orphaned project. If I am not going to finish something, I need to frog it and used the yarn for something else.
I am starting to get in the mood for a road trip. Not sure where it will be this year but I am think going South this year. Last year was East, year before was West, time before was North. Would love to go to New Orleans. As many of my friends will recall the ill fated cruise from New Orleans which did not happen due to hurricane Katrina. The cruise has never been rescheduled and New Orleans was never visited. I think it may be time for that visit.
As I sit here blogging I am watching the squirrels cavorting in the trees doing God know what, give the time of year. My maple tree had ten of the little guys running through the limbs. They had been running across the roof which sounded like a herd of something. It looks like they had a good winter becuase they are very fat. I think that is because of all of the acorns on my tree in the front yard. They are about the size of a large gum ball. The tree drops tons of them so I am sure they were well fed. I cannot say what they are doing on my deck right now but let me just say that there will probably be some baby squirrels this year.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

HIHO HIHO It's Off to Work I GO

Start a new contract yesterday after being of for a couple of months. It is kind of strange getting up early and going out to work.

I have not worked downtown for some years and a lot has changed. I am working across the street from the new Spring Arena. I have to day it looks better than I thought it would. Have not been inside yet but I understand it is pretty cool.

Just around the corner is the new HR Block building which have a nice cafeteria. I forgot my lunch this morning so I went there for a salad. I must say I am impressed with what is finally going on downtown. The Power and Light district is shaping up.

On my way back from lunch there were news crews and fire trucks the next block up. My initial tought was someone got injured but as it turns out there was a gas line hit by a piece of construction equipment.

So now that it is my second day on the job, I think I am going t like it a lot. The people are really nice and I have my own cube for a change. No one there has to share. This was very exciting to me after having to share shace with 5 other people at the last contract. Sometimes it takes so little to make one happy.

I have not knitted much since Saturday since I was trying to get things done before returning to work. I am working on several things. I did get the gloves finished and the second row of modules for the Petal vest, getting ready for the third row which will be solid navy.

I am also working on a Regia tweed sock. Not to happy with the yarn this time because it is broken within the skein. I have had to join the yarn three times so far and I am almost to the toe decrease. I think I am giong to give up and use the other skein to complete them. It is very frustrating. It is not like I do not have enough things started but these are black and I thought they would be more appropriate for work. I am sure they will be fine.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

OMG It Is Cold here

Today the temp only got to 19 degrees. As you can see from the Forecast at a Glance, tomorrow is supposed to be in the 40's while Sunday is supposed to be 60's. It is said that if you do not like the weather in Kansas City, wait just a little and it will change. Perfect example. Hopefully, next week will be great weather for me to start back to work.

Today was my drug test for the new contract. Also included is a background check. Boy, you feel like a criminal just trying to get a job. Times sure have changed, and not for the better in come cases. There was a young man there at the same time getting a court ordered drug test. Evidently he had been doing this for some time. He was on a first name basis with the lab techs. He did not need to be told the procedure. It was kind of sad, he was a nice looking young name.

I received some new books from Crafter's Choice. The Best of Interweate Knits, HandKnit Style II and Knit Kimono. I have had my eye on these books for a while and here was a BOGO sale one. Of course, this weekend there was a $9.99 sale so I ordered the other books I wanted since they were on sale. I saved $70.

I especially like the Knit Kimono. There are a couple of things I want to queue. HandKnit Style has some great things also. I am very please with all three selections. I have added them to my Ravelry library.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

The First Day of the New Year is here

This is the beginning of a new time in life for me. Tomorrow I will be 56 years old. Many women do not like to tell their age. I do not have a problem with people knowing how old I am. My hair may be gray and I have lost my girlish figure but I do not loose sleep over such things. I have worked hard for every gray hair and I never have been to think so it is no big deal. I have yet to color my hair because I am not in the least vain. I learned after I became 40 that I had reached the stage where I did not have to take any crap off of people, nor did have have to impress anyone.

So Happy Birthday to Me. With a birthday so close to the holidays I do not pay to much attention to it. It is basically just another day. It only comes into play when I have to put my age on something. I just make the change accordingly and it puts me another year closer to retirement.

My friend Chelle selects a word to focus on for the year and I try to do the same. My word this year is "TOLERANCE", particularly for my own short comings. I tend to have very high expectations for myself that at times transfers to others. Many times I am disappointed in myself and others because we cannot live up to those expectations. This year I am going to give us all a break. I have learned over the years that we are all trying to do the best we can to get through the life we have.

I am working on completing the gloves today. I think I will be needing them. I will probably make a scarf to go with them

This morning we have very strong winds. I thought the windows were going to blow in. There was a fast moving cold front coming through so it is barely 20 degrees now. I just spoke with a friend in St. Louis and they are getting the strong winds now so you can imagine how fast the front is moving. It is supposed to reach Atlanta by morning.

I have finished the second row of the vest. Since I am limited on the varigated yarn I am going to switch to the navy Cascade 220 for the next row. I think it will be a good contrast. I really like they way it is working up. After this row of modules there is a half row then on to the lace and upper part which is ribbed. This should not take to long so maybe it will be complete in a week or so and ready to wear. Stay tuned!

I am thinking when this is complete I will be ready to do something in my queue. I think first on the list is the Clapotis, which I already have the yarn for. I started it this summer but was not able to get into it so I think I am ready now. I would like to get a couple of shawls done this year and use some of the yarn from my stash. It is definately time to rotate some of the yarn since there is always something new I am interested in.