Sunday, January 13, 2008

It Seems Almost Like Spring

We have had some nice weather this past week...up in the 50's-60's with cold at night. It is lovely and is making the trees want to bud. This is not a good thing because you know that it is going to bite us on the butt. Just like last year when the trees bloomed and I had high hopes for my peach tree, then came the freeze and all the blooms were gone and I had no peaches.
This tree came up by itself. Not sure how unless a big bird eat the see them crapped it out landing where the tree came up or another scenario could be that a squirrel burried it thinking it was a nut. Nonetheless, the tree grew next to my deck and I have left it to see what would become of it. Probably should be cut down since it is very close to the deck railing but I haven had the heart to so I have decided to let it go until it becomes impaired and can no longer stay there.

I am starting something new. I signed up sometime ago to distrubute Watkins products. If you are not familiar with Watkins it is a company that has been in business since the lat 1800's and is best know for their pure vanilla and cinnamin. Their produce line includes some of the best herbs and spices as well as cleaning and personal products. Check out my website .

If you would like to place an order online please reference my Associate No 375714 to allow me to get credit for the order. At this time I am marketing online to see how things go.

I have used these products for years and have been completely satisfied with everything I have used. I particulary love the Soup and Veg Mix. I used it is my soup and just about everything else, when I do cook.
I am giving this a try for some extra pocket change and to have something built over time that I can do when I retire. I want to have something that will make me want to get up and going in the morning when I retire that has some value and that I can do from anywhere. I think we all need to look to the future.
OK, know on to the important stuff....knitting. I have not started anything new this week, in an attempt to get better organized and get some FO's in the can for the new year. I am nearly finished with one pair of socks that are Regia Tweed. I thought I needed something that was a little more subtle to where for work rather than the stripy ones. I am still working on the Petal vest getting ready to start the 3rd row. Also, working on the Best Girl Friend Socks. I need to take a look at them and see where I am off on the chart. It just does not look right.
Still on the list is the Hemlock Ring. I want to get it finished soon. It seems as though I was excited about it at first then when I got the hardest part done, I backe bored with it. I just need to pick it up and the the fan and feather part to get it off the needles. It is my goal this year to finish up all the WIP's so I can feel better about starting new things. I do not want any orphaned project. If I am not going to finish something, I need to frog it and used the yarn for something else.
I am starting to get in the mood for a road trip. Not sure where it will be this year but I am think going South this year. Last year was East, year before was West, time before was North. Would love to go to New Orleans. As many of my friends will recall the ill fated cruise from New Orleans which did not happen due to hurricane Katrina. The cruise has never been rescheduled and New Orleans was never visited. I think it may be time for that visit.
As I sit here blogging I am watching the squirrels cavorting in the trees doing God know what, give the time of year. My maple tree had ten of the little guys running through the limbs. They had been running across the roof which sounded like a herd of something. It looks like they had a good winter becuase they are very fat. I think that is because of all of the acorns on my tree in the front yard. They are about the size of a large gum ball. The tree drops tons of them so I am sure they were well fed. I cannot say what they are doing on my deck right now but let me just say that there will probably be some baby squirrels this year.

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ChelleC said...

You sound upbeat and cheery this week. You must like your new job.

Sounds like you're ready to tackle the knitting again now that you've figured out what direction you want to go. You're like me and have SEVERAL projects in the works.

Have a good week. Maybe we can get together sometime early this week and knit.