Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sunny Sunday Morning

It is colder than a well digger's witch's whatever this morning. As least is is sunny and the streets are clear.

I am sitting here with a nice big hot mug of raspberry tea watching old movies. So far I have watched Meet Me In St Louis, The Fountain Head, and now I am watching I Remember Mama. Today on TMC there is a Patricia Neal series of movies playing so that is why I watch The Fountain. Will probably watch The Subject Was Roses when it plays. There was Patricia Neal interview early this morning that was very good. She is one of my most favorite actress.

Friday night I met some friends a the Majestic Improve at Zona Rosa to see John Bizzarre. I have not seen him before but had heard him on XM radio 150 Comedy. I really enjoyed the theater and show.

He went to Iraq and Kuwait with a group of comedians to entertain the troops. One of the comedians, Danny Bevins, video taped the trip and a DVD was produced called "Comics On Duty-We Love you, Mrs. Bevins". I purchase a copy and found it very heart warming to see now the comedians were received and what it meant to the troops to have them there. Well work a viewing.

I just finished by tweed socks so they are ready to wear. This week I found my Irish Hiking Scarf and remembered how much I enjoyed making it so I decided to make another only this time on larger needles so that it would be a little looser. I like it a lot better than on the smaller needles. While it is very pretty smaller I feel the gadge is to tight for me.

I am also still working on the other WIPs which I will not list again, since I am sure it would bore you, again.

I got my $9.99 books from Crafter's Choice this week and I am please with my selections. After my recent book purchases I cannot imagine that I should ever need to buy another, yah right! Now I have many more things to queue on Ravelry. Oh well, I guess it was bound to happen.

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ChelleC said...

Glad you had a good time at the comedy show. I love several of your new books, especially the Vogue socks one. I may get that one too. Yep.