Tuesday, January 01, 2008

The First Day of the New Year is here

This is the beginning of a new time in life for me. Tomorrow I will be 56 years old. Many women do not like to tell their age. I do not have a problem with people knowing how old I am. My hair may be gray and I have lost my girlish figure but I do not loose sleep over such things. I have worked hard for every gray hair and I never have been to think so it is no big deal. I have yet to color my hair because I am not in the least vain. I learned after I became 40 that I had reached the stage where I did not have to take any crap off of people, nor did have have to impress anyone.

So Happy Birthday to Me. With a birthday so close to the holidays I do not pay to much attention to it. It is basically just another day. It only comes into play when I have to put my age on something. I just make the change accordingly and it puts me another year closer to retirement.

My friend Chelle selects a word to focus on for the year and I try to do the same. My word this year is "TOLERANCE", particularly for my own short comings. I tend to have very high expectations for myself that at times transfers to others. Many times I am disappointed in myself and others because we cannot live up to those expectations. This year I am going to give us all a break. I have learned over the years that we are all trying to do the best we can to get through the life we have.

I am working on completing the gloves today. I think I will be needing them. I will probably make a scarf to go with them

This morning we have very strong winds. I thought the windows were going to blow in. There was a fast moving cold front coming through so it is barely 20 degrees now. I just spoke with a friend in St. Louis and they are getting the strong winds now so you can imagine how fast the front is moving. It is supposed to reach Atlanta by morning.

I have finished the second row of the vest. Since I am limited on the varigated yarn I am going to switch to the navy Cascade 220 for the next row. I think it will be a good contrast. I really like they way it is working up. After this row of modules there is a half row then on to the lace and upper part which is ribbed. This should not take to long so maybe it will be complete in a week or so and ready to wear. Stay tuned!

I am thinking when this is complete I will be ready to do something in my queue. I think first on the list is the Clapotis, which I already have the yarn for. I started it this summer but was not able to get into it so I think I am ready now. I would like to get a couple of shawls done this year and use some of the yarn from my stash. It is definately time to rotate some of the yarn since there is always something new I am interested in.

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ChelleC said...

I love that word! Tolerance is a great word. And Happy Birthday. Sorry I jumped the gun there a day when I called you this morning. I hope we can go to lunch tomorrow.