Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Here is the latest hat. The purple one was such a success, that I had a request for a red one. This one was made from the Lions Brand felting yarn. It is ok but I do not like the result as well at the purple one that was made from Brown Sheep Bulky. I think the feeling of the purple one was much richer. I am glad that I tried the Lions Brand but do not think I would use it for this particular project again.

Here is the answer to my yarn storage situation. It is actually a shoe storage module with 15 bins. I have not yet put the yarn in it but I am please with it. I am going to get one more and I think that should hold me for a bit. It fits perfect in the space that I have for it. I can hardly wait to get it filled.
I found it at Lowes, my very favorite place to go when I have nothing else to do. I will not go into my rant about how much I dislike Home Depot. Just suffice it to say I was not able to find it there and could find no one to help me find it.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Could Spring be far behind?

The Paper Whites are in bloom. My dear friend Nancy gave me these for Christmas. Aren't tye beautiful. I have been waiting with great anticipation to see them bloom. I always think it is so exciting to have these or amarillys bloom in the winter. I guess I am just really tired of the snow and cold weather. ENOUGH already! ! ! ! I am looking foward to the temperature warming this next week. Spring will soon be here and I will be able to get out in the yard and dig in the dirt. There is must something about the Spring time dirt after being in the house all winter.

It always makes me happy when I am working in my hard. This year it needs a lot of work. Because of a back injury last year I was not able to do much. I usually have a yard full of flowers and pots on the porch but just was not able to do it.

I have a nice young man in my neighborhood who mows for me. That helped a lot. He really does a good job so I will probably have him continue this year. He is 16 this year and is a hard worker. Interested in making extra money for his car, of course.

I am sitting here this morning trying to decide what my next knitting project will be. The SSKers are getting ready to do a Clog-a-long so I am looking forward to that. Many of us are using the Fiber Trends Felted Clog pattern while several are using other patterns. I love clogs and have been intending to this a pair for some time. I have done a couple pair of the Fuzzy Feet from the knitty pattern and I love them too.

I am all set to do a couple more hats from the same pattern as the purple one. This time they will be red. One of my Red Hat friends sells hats at festivals and would like to see how they sell to the general public. If they do well I may do some in other colors as well.

I am sure with all the books and magazines I have in stock I am sure I can find something to start on soon.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Purple Hat

I finally got thhe purple had felted. It has been finished for some time and was just waiting to be felted. I think it turned out wonderfully. I had made one for myself but only used a single strand of yarn. Will it was nice it was not as substantial as it could be so this one I used double and I like it much better.

The picture makes it look kind of blue but trust me it is really purple. I think I will make a read one next time. I like ths pattern because it if a very quick knit. It can be worn so many different ways. It should also be very warm.
Speaking of warm...I wish we would get back to the warm weather. I am sick of the cold. It was a little warmer this weekend so I did get the car washed but of course with the 4 inches of snow we got over night it is once again dirty. The only difference is that is is not as dirty as it was and this is new dirt.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Ready for something new

I am working on yet another pair of socks but these are for a birthday present. Sock one is done and the second one is started and about half finished.

I think I will do a couple pair of baby socks and some booties for a baby shower gift and the put the sock yarn away for a while. The baby socks are really fast and so cute. I may have time to do a couple of the burp towels from the Mason Dixon book. You can never have to many of them. I hesitate to make a lot of things because these are for a second cousin and I do not know her well enough to gauge whether she would like hand made things. Will probably throw in a couple of teething toys for good measure.

I am bored with socks now for a while so I want to do something new and interesting. Any suggestions? Maybe I will do some intarsia or maybe I will try entralac. I saw it on Kintty Gritty the other day and now I think I understand it better.
It is not like do not have enough books and magazines to look through for exciting projects. I am sure I can come up with something. Maybe a spring sweater. I have some yarn I got last spring and started a sweater but did not like the pattern. I think I will probably frog it and make something I like better.
I got a call from my very dear friend in St. Louis inviting me to spend a week this summer with her family at a condo in North Carolina. Last year they rented a condo at the beach and had a great time. I am really excited about going. It gives me a something to plan for this summer. I have a couple of other placed I would like to go this year also so I guess I will need to save some extra money so I can do lots of funs stuff.
I have not decided as yet where this years road trip will be. I would kind of like to head maybe north this time. I have always wanted to go to Machinaw Island so maybe that will be the one. Much day dreaming will take place before the final decision. Ah! so much to dream about and so little time to do the dreaming. I must rearrange my schedule to fit it in.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Another pair bites the dust

The Crazy Trekking multicolor socks are finished. It was fun to see now the coloring arranged itself. I am almost to the point I could do socks in my sleep. These are going out to Portland to my sister. She has not had a pair of my socks yet. I know she will love them with she receives them. She likes the things I knit her.

Her little daughter is not ready yet to like the things that her Auntie knits her but this is OK. She is only 4 and going through a time when she has definate ideas of what she likes. Some day she will love to have me knit something for her and she will be ready to appreciate it them. I am so glad she will say when she likes or does not like something. This trait is very powerful.

As you may have already guessed....yes there is another sock on the needles. I think these are for my friend for her birthday. Will have to see if she likes the yarn.

I have recovered from my weekend retreat in Excelsior Springs. It was such fun. I really enoyed the freeform class. I am looking forward to doing more with it very soon. I really love this sweater. Maybe something like this will be my first freeform project.

I also really like the pieces that Chelle, Carolyn, and Laura were coming up with in the class. Chelle had started a vest in the first freeform class she took and is continuing with it. I am excited to see how it comes out. She has such a good eye for where things will fit. It will be a gorgeous vest when completed.

I am keeping a eye out for when the midwest schedule is posted for Stitches this year. I would live to be able to attend. Hopefully, we will be able to get a group together and make a fun trip of it. I love going to events like that just to meet people from different places and see new things. It makes it so much fun with you have others you know along on the trip. Can't wait to see what classes are offered.