Thursday, February 08, 2007

Ready for something new

I am working on yet another pair of socks but these are for a birthday present. Sock one is done and the second one is started and about half finished.

I think I will do a couple pair of baby socks and some booties for a baby shower gift and the put the sock yarn away for a while. The baby socks are really fast and so cute. I may have time to do a couple of the burp towels from the Mason Dixon book. You can never have to many of them. I hesitate to make a lot of things because these are for a second cousin and I do not know her well enough to gauge whether she would like hand made things. Will probably throw in a couple of teething toys for good measure.

I am bored with socks now for a while so I want to do something new and interesting. Any suggestions? Maybe I will do some intarsia or maybe I will try entralac. I saw it on Kintty Gritty the other day and now I think I understand it better.
It is not like do not have enough books and magazines to look through for exciting projects. I am sure I can come up with something. Maybe a spring sweater. I have some yarn I got last spring and started a sweater but did not like the pattern. I think I will probably frog it and make something I like better.
I got a call from my very dear friend in St. Louis inviting me to spend a week this summer with her family at a condo in North Carolina. Last year they rented a condo at the beach and had a great time. I am really excited about going. It gives me a something to plan for this summer. I have a couple of other placed I would like to go this year also so I guess I will need to save some extra money so I can do lots of funs stuff.
I have not decided as yet where this years road trip will be. I would kind of like to head maybe north this time. I have always wanted to go to Machinaw Island so maybe that will be the one. Much day dreaming will take place before the final decision. Ah! so much to dream about and so little time to do the dreaming. I must rearrange my schedule to fit it in.


Chelle said...

The baby sock is adorable. A burp cloth would be a good addition. I think you're smart not to invest too much time until you see if they appreciate your beautiful handmade baby gifts.

I think a spring sweater would be nice for you to do next.

A road trip is always wonderful to plan for! The anticipation is almost as fun as the trip itself

Jen said...

We spent our vacation last summer at Macinaw Island. I really liked. I think Lake Ontario is the prettiest of the Great Lakes - its water is so clear. And, I love returning down the east side of Lake Michigan through the forest. Love, love that.