Sunday, February 18, 2007

Could Spring be far behind?

The Paper Whites are in bloom. My dear friend Nancy gave me these for Christmas. Aren't tye beautiful. I have been waiting with great anticipation to see them bloom. I always think it is so exciting to have these or amarillys bloom in the winter. I guess I am just really tired of the snow and cold weather. ENOUGH already! ! ! ! I am looking foward to the temperature warming this next week. Spring will soon be here and I will be able to get out in the yard and dig in the dirt. There is must something about the Spring time dirt after being in the house all winter.

It always makes me happy when I am working in my hard. This year it needs a lot of work. Because of a back injury last year I was not able to do much. I usually have a yard full of flowers and pots on the porch but just was not able to do it.

I have a nice young man in my neighborhood who mows for me. That helped a lot. He really does a good job so I will probably have him continue this year. He is 16 this year and is a hard worker. Interested in making extra money for his car, of course.

I am sitting here this morning trying to decide what my next knitting project will be. The SSKers are getting ready to do a Clog-a-long so I am looking forward to that. Many of us are using the Fiber Trends Felted Clog pattern while several are using other patterns. I love clogs and have been intending to this a pair for some time. I have done a couple pair of the Fuzzy Feet from the knitty pattern and I love them too.

I am all set to do a couple more hats from the same pattern as the purple one. This time they will be red. One of my Red Hat friends sells hats at festivals and would like to see how they sell to the general public. If they do well I may do some in other colors as well.

I am sure with all the books and magazines I have in stock I am sure I can find something to start on soon.

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ChelleC said...

Yes, I love fall/winter but even I am starting to crave Spring this year. This cold weather is getting old, really old fast.