Monday, March 24, 2008

Allergy Time is Here, Again!

I am on my second week of allergy season. This year is the worst in a long time. I called my sister yesterday and she did not recognize my voice. She though I was a telemarketer.

I am not sure how much more I can stand to cough. As some times I think I have enough allerge
y med on board and them I get overwhelmed and cannot keep ahead of it. If I can make it through the next couple of weeks I should be ok.

Had a fun weekend in spite of the allergy business. My friend Nancy was here for a few days. She was able to ride the train from St Louis coming in on Thursday afternoon which worked out well. Since I am working downtown she got off at Union Station which was very convenient for me to come pick her up. We drove around downtown so she could see all the changes going on there.

Friday we made the trek to Lawrence and the yarn store of yarn stored, Yarn Barn. There were so many nice things but I was good and only bought a pattern, which seems the be the majority of my purchases this weekend.

Saturday we did the big yarn shop run to Knit Wit, Old Mill in Liberty, Urban Arts, Stitch Nitch and finally to YarnCraft in Independence to meet some of the SSKers. After some yarn purchasing we all went a lovely coffee shop just off the Independence Square. I had to leave to take Nancy to the train to get her home to have Easter with her family. As luck would have it I was able to locate the station in Independence to we did not have to drive clear to Lees Summit to catch the train. I was then able to return for a little knitting with the group.

I think I am going to be ready to do the Clapotis really soon. I think Mary is in line to do it with me. So it should be fun. I have some Koigu that I bought at Stitches Midwest that I am going to use.

I also found this shawl I am going to add to my queue. I really like it

I do have some pictures from Saturday but alas I cannot remember where I put the camera again so I am going to tag over th Chelle's place because she does know where her camera and actually does have pictures

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Progress Happens Sometimes

Here is where I am on the round throw. I am about half finished with the navy then I will bind off. I think I am going to try to do a i-cord bind off to make it lay flat. I am anxious to get this completed so I can move on. Also, I want to see how big it is. I have it on the larges cable that I have and it is getting pretty bunched up. I think it going to be very nice. I will give it to the VFW Auxilary to raffle at their craft fair this fall. Hopefully it will raise a little money for them.

Not sure my Gracie kitty will want to let it go. She has gotten very fond of it. It is a good meditation piece for her. She get a little piece of it in her mouth to suck on and then kneads it with her paws. She really get into it.

This is the sock I am designing. It is kind of a sampler sock so I am not sure if I am going to have the same stitch patterns on both socks. I guess I will decide on that then I get to the second sock so stay tuned. The color is a much brighter red but it does not show up in the picture.

As usual SSK meet at Border's yesterday. In the bargin books they had these knitting sets for $5.99.

It is a great deal if you have someone who would like to learn to knit. It includes basic techinque, project and a set of needles with a skein of year along with some accessories. Several of us purchased them. I have someone in mind for the one I got.

Today I am laying kind of low. After returning from SSK yesterday I was not feeling to well. Kind of feverish and scratchy throat. Today I am feeling kind of fluish. Not really bad but just not well. Still have a low grade fever that I hope is gone tomorrow. My throat does feel better this afternoon so maybe it is just an allergy think. I noticed this morning that my trees are budding and that is usually what hits me first. Next it will be the grass. It is the price I pay for Spring.

I am thinking that I am finally going to do the Clapotis next. I have som Koigu I got at Stitches Midwest that I am going to use. It is about time. I have it as first on my Ravelry queue so maybe I will start there.

I seriously need to do some updating on Ravelry. I have been remiss in keeping things up. Will try to work that in this week.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

What's new? Not much

I have still been working on the round throw. I am almost ready for the navy and be done with it. It is big enough that it takes a while to get around it. That is why it is taking so long.

I had, what seemed like an all night dream...yes you got it...I knit in my dreams. The dream was about a shawl that I guess I am going to have to design since I spend so much time thinking about it in my sleep. Will let you know how it comes out on paper. I guess it may be one of my next projects.

I don't know if you listen to XM radio but I have grown to love it a lot. I can listen to in on the Internet while I work which makes it nice since it blocks out everyones noise. If you are a listener of you may have heard Jeanne Robertson who is a humorist. She is from the South and does speaking engagements for business meetings, conventions, etc. If you have not, I would like to share a story she related to one of her audiences. I have to laugh every time I hear it.

Her husband Jerry, who she refers to lovingly as “left-brain”, is usually included in her stories. She explained that in the South when a friend is ill or has passed it is the customer to take food over for the family. She personally takes 7UP pound cakes. She makes them by the dozens the places them in the freezer for the next time one is needed.

Since she is on the road a lot with speaking engagements, "left-brain" takes the pound cakes when the occasion arises. On this one occasion she heard of an illness and went to her freezer to get a pound cake but there were none.

She was preparing to leave for another engagement but want to send a cake so she asked “left-brain”, who was on his way to badminton ans didn't want to be late, to go to the grocery for ingredients. He agreed as long as he could go through the express checkout.

After being gone for some time he returned with two bags in hand and others hanging off his arm. With exasperation he deposited the bags on the table and went back for more. After the second trip there was another and another.

Jeanne found her shopping list, while "left-brain" was bringing the bags in, which she had for once numbered to assure a trip through the express line. Reviewing the list, she new the reason for so many bags. Here is her list:

Original List:
1 lb Butter
2 Vanilla
3 Dozen Eggs
4 Lard
5 lb Sugar
5 lb Flour
6 6-Pk 7UP

1------1 lb Butter
2------bottle Vanilla
36-----Dozen Eggs
8 lb----Lard
25 lb---Sugar
30 lb---Flour
36 bottles--7UP

Of course, there was no trip through the express lane. On the way out the door to badminton “left-brain” admitted that he had figured out what he had done but by that time the checker was ringing up the 7UP and people were lined up behind him laughing so he decided that he would take the excess ingredients back later.

I love hearing this women speak. She has such a funny perspective on things. I hope some day do hear her in person.