Sunday, March 16, 2008

Progress Happens Sometimes

Here is where I am on the round throw. I am about half finished with the navy then I will bind off. I think I am going to try to do a i-cord bind off to make it lay flat. I am anxious to get this completed so I can move on. Also, I want to see how big it is. I have it on the larges cable that I have and it is getting pretty bunched up. I think it going to be very nice. I will give it to the VFW Auxilary to raffle at their craft fair this fall. Hopefully it will raise a little money for them.

Not sure my Gracie kitty will want to let it go. She has gotten very fond of it. It is a good meditation piece for her. She get a little piece of it in her mouth to suck on and then kneads it with her paws. She really get into it.

This is the sock I am designing. It is kind of a sampler sock so I am not sure if I am going to have the same stitch patterns on both socks. I guess I will decide on that then I get to the second sock so stay tuned. The color is a much brighter red but it does not show up in the picture.

As usual SSK meet at Border's yesterday. In the bargin books they had these knitting sets for $5.99.

It is a great deal if you have someone who would like to learn to knit. It includes basic techinque, project and a set of needles with a skein of year along with some accessories. Several of us purchased them. I have someone in mind for the one I got.

Today I am laying kind of low. After returning from SSK yesterday I was not feeling to well. Kind of feverish and scratchy throat. Today I am feeling kind of fluish. Not really bad but just not well. Still have a low grade fever that I hope is gone tomorrow. My throat does feel better this afternoon so maybe it is just an allergy think. I noticed this morning that my trees are budding and that is usually what hits me first. Next it will be the grass. It is the price I pay for Spring.

I am thinking that I am finally going to do the Clapotis next. I have som Koigu I got at Stitches Midwest that I am going to use. It is about time. I have it as first on my Ravelry queue so maybe I will start there.

I seriously need to do some updating on Ravelry. I have been remiss in keeping things up. Will try to work that in this week.

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ChelleC said...

Ah! Don't take it away from Gracie. She loves it. But seriously, it's wonderful of you to do such a big time-involved charity knitting project. That's great.