Monday, March 24, 2008

Allergy Time is Here, Again!

I am on my second week of allergy season. This year is the worst in a long time. I called my sister yesterday and she did not recognize my voice. She though I was a telemarketer.

I am not sure how much more I can stand to cough. As some times I think I have enough allerge
y med on board and them I get overwhelmed and cannot keep ahead of it. If I can make it through the next couple of weeks I should be ok.

Had a fun weekend in spite of the allergy business. My friend Nancy was here for a few days. She was able to ride the train from St Louis coming in on Thursday afternoon which worked out well. Since I am working downtown she got off at Union Station which was very convenient for me to come pick her up. We drove around downtown so she could see all the changes going on there.

Friday we made the trek to Lawrence and the yarn store of yarn stored, Yarn Barn. There were so many nice things but I was good and only bought a pattern, which seems the be the majority of my purchases this weekend.

Saturday we did the big yarn shop run to Knit Wit, Old Mill in Liberty, Urban Arts, Stitch Nitch and finally to YarnCraft in Independence to meet some of the SSKers. After some yarn purchasing we all went a lovely coffee shop just off the Independence Square. I had to leave to take Nancy to the train to get her home to have Easter with her family. As luck would have it I was able to locate the station in Independence to we did not have to drive clear to Lees Summit to catch the train. I was then able to return for a little knitting with the group.

I think I am going to be ready to do the Clapotis really soon. I think Mary is in line to do it with me. So it should be fun. I have some Koigu that I bought at Stitches Midwest that I am going to use.

I also found this shawl I am going to add to my queue. I really like it

I do have some pictures from Saturday but alas I cannot remember where I put the camera again so I am going to tag over th Chelle's place because she does know where her camera and actually does have pictures


Laura said...

Man! I've been on a yarn crawl with you and know how fun it is. Only for family or yarn money would I have given up a great day like Saturday. :)

Kay said...

Don't allergies suck? Seems like we just got past the icy-road part of the year and we're already into the pollen-count part. I feel your pain.

ChelleC said...

See you Saturday. Glad to hear your allergies are doing a bit better.