Saturday, February 03, 2007

Another pair bites the dust

The Crazy Trekking multicolor socks are finished. It was fun to see now the coloring arranged itself. I am almost to the point I could do socks in my sleep. These are going out to Portland to my sister. She has not had a pair of my socks yet. I know she will love them with she receives them. She likes the things I knit her.

Her little daughter is not ready yet to like the things that her Auntie knits her but this is OK. She is only 4 and going through a time when she has definate ideas of what she likes. Some day she will love to have me knit something for her and she will be ready to appreciate it them. I am so glad she will say when she likes or does not like something. This trait is very powerful.

As you may have already guessed....yes there is another sock on the needles. I think these are for my friend for her birthday. Will have to see if she likes the yarn.

I have recovered from my weekend retreat in Excelsior Springs. It was such fun. I really enoyed the freeform class. I am looking forward to doing more with it very soon. I really love this sweater. Maybe something like this will be my first freeform project.

I also really like the pieces that Chelle, Carolyn, and Laura were coming up with in the class. Chelle had started a vest in the first freeform class she took and is continuing with it. I am excited to see how it comes out. She has such a good eye for where things will fit. It will be a gorgeous vest when completed.

I am keeping a eye out for when the midwest schedule is posted for Stitches this year. I would live to be able to attend. Hopefully, we will be able to get a group together and make a fun trip of it. I love going to events like that just to meet people from different places and see new things. It makes it so much fun with you have others you know along on the trip. Can't wait to see what classes are offered.


ChelleC said...

Carol, if you go to that Knitting Universe website and click on "Stitches West" or whichever one it was that just happened in February, then you can get a good preview at those classes. The ones offered at Midwest will be VERY similar. Chelle

ChelleC said...

I love that red jacket and think it would look good on you.