Tuesday, January 08, 2008

HIHO HIHO It's Off to Work I GO

Start a new contract yesterday after being of for a couple of months. It is kind of strange getting up early and going out to work.

I have not worked downtown for some years and a lot has changed. I am working across the street from the new Spring Arena. I have to day it looks better than I thought it would. Have not been inside yet but I understand it is pretty cool.

Just around the corner is the new HR Block building which have a nice cafeteria. I forgot my lunch this morning so I went there for a salad. I must say I am impressed with what is finally going on downtown. The Power and Light district is shaping up.

On my way back from lunch there were news crews and fire trucks the next block up. My initial tought was someone got injured but as it turns out there was a gas line hit by a piece of construction equipment.

So now that it is my second day on the job, I think I am going t like it a lot. The people are really nice and I have my own cube for a change. No one there has to share. This was very exciting to me after having to share shace with 5 other people at the last contract. Sometimes it takes so little to make one happy.

I have not knitted much since Saturday since I was trying to get things done before returning to work. I am working on several things. I did get the gloves finished and the second row of modules for the Petal vest, getting ready for the third row which will be solid navy.

I am also working on a Regia tweed sock. Not to happy with the yarn this time because it is broken within the skein. I have had to join the yarn three times so far and I am almost to the toe decrease. I think I am giong to give up and use the other skein to complete them. It is very frustrating. It is not like I do not have enough things started but these are black and I thought they would be more appropriate for work. I am sure they will be fine.

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ChelleC said...

Glad, REALLY glad you like it so far. I probably won't be at knit group this week because Friday is my 22nd wedding anniverary and we may go away together overnight/