Saturday, January 26, 2008

Hurrah for Payday

Yes it is true...Yesterday was once again payday. If you have never not had one for several months you will not be able to relate to the feeling. Unemployment helps a little but it does not hold a candle to Payday. It is such a good feeling to know that there is the potential for another one in two weeks. In fact, it is a very liberating feeling. Not that I am counting but the last time I had that feeling was October 19th of last year. As I have been working as a consultant for most of the last 15 years. I go to great lengths to say as much money as I can for the times when I am not working. I am not sure how others work it but I try to have at least what I need to pay my bills for six months and more if possible.

The new contract is going well. I really like the people I am working with. I think it will be very interesting to be involved in this project, hopefully for a good part of the year. I am looking forward to not looking for a job for a while.

Ok, not to what is happening in the knitting area. I have been working on a Irish hiking scarf using the pattern from on-line but I am using larger needless so it will be looser. I think I really like it better. It is my car knitting so it is taking a little longer to complete but it is about half finished. If my camera had batteries, I would provide a picture but is doesn't so picture in your mind the Irish Hiking scarf in a deep blue about twice the width and length of the picture below.
I really enjoy doing this scarf because it uses so few memory cells since it has an 8 row cable repeat. I actually like doing cables a lot. Not sure why I have not done an Aran sweater as yet but I guess I should put one in my queue.
As ever there is always the ongoing sock. I guess you can never have to many socks. I need to start on some cotton ones for the warmer weather. Before we know it the wool ones will be too warm.
Also, work is continuing on the Petal vest. It may be next year before I get to wear it if I don't get on with finishing it. I guess it just my knitting ADD again. Oh well, on with the knitting!


laura gayle said...

Lovely scarf! Hope you and Chelle have started knitting some of the yarn you bought Thursday night -- you all crack me up! The knitting rush! ;)

ChelleC said...

I love the new version of your scarf. I've seen it in person and it's really lovely.