Sunday, February 03, 2008

A Week In Review

Ok just let me say that I pirated this photo from my friend Chelle's blog since I did not have my camera yesterday at SSK. This is the fruit of Kay's new endeavor Dome Hill Yarn, that can be seen at Kay and her husband are building a geo dome house on some acerage to the east of Kansas City.

My selection was the brown Chocolate Truffle, third from the right. Currently she is offering sock yarn but will be moving on to worsted soon.

I am excited to knit this up to see how beautifully the colorway displays. I am hoping this will be soon. I am trying to make myself finish some WIPs before starting anything else. It will be hard but maybe it will spur me on to get things wrapped up. So on with the knitting.

It has been a busy week. I finished the Irish hiking scarf I was working on last week. It turned out nicely but unfortunately, I have misplaced my camera again. I do have batteries now but the camera has not shown up. I am cleaning today so it should be uncovered soon. I will definitely post the picture when I find it. Anyway, getting back to the scarf. I used size 10 needles as opposed to the suggest 8's. It is a much looser result, which I like.

As usual, I do have socks going that I have for car knitting. Some times at lunch, I go to my car and knit for a while just to get out of the office. I also take this knitting to the movies when I go. I have been knitting for so long that most usually I do not need to look at what I am doing so it is easy for to knit in the dark. Yes, I can also purl. This seems to intrigue people but is seems perfectly natural to me. I am trying to switch off at times and to continential, but I am not as confident in my skill as yet to be able to not look. I am sure give enought practice that will come too.

I am working on the third level of the petal vest. Since I do not have enough of the Toasty Toes for the complete vest, I an using a solid navy Cascade 220 for contrast. I think it will work out just fine. Once I get through this level I will be ready for the half level the complete the lacy part and up to the shoulders. At this rate it will be ready for next winter.

Boy, SSK attendence is really growing. We meet at Honkerbeans in Lees Summit and fortunately there is plent of room. We have gone from one table to two and now three. Yesterday we had three new in the group. I think quite a few are finding us on Ravelry. It is great to have new people. We are a pretty flexible group. Everyone comes when they can and stays as long as their schedule allows. The more the merrier, I always say.

On to the next week.....


knitter in the rough said...

I love going to Honkerbeans to drink coffee and knit. I had no idea there was a knitting group going on there.

I thought the closest knitters were in Lawrence.

ChelleC said...

Hi Carol! I'm glad you got that yarn. I wasn't sure which one you ended up with. Like you, I'm eager to knit mine soon but have at least one project I MUST finish first.