Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Just a Quick Post

It is late and I am tired so this will be quick.

I have been working on the round throw and it is coming along well. I have finished all of the red and started on the white. It is taking longer to get around it now that it has grown. I will finish the white in stockinette then do something pretty with the blue. I am thinking I may do an i-cord bind-off but that remains to be decided. I will post a progress picture tomorrow.

I am taking a belly dancing class tomorro night. Lord knows I have enough belly to dance with. I think it will be fun and a different kind of exercise.

Well, I am going to sleep now. More tomorrow.


ChelleC said...

Belly dancing that is so neat!!!! I think I may join you for WW at 6:30 this week. Will let you know.

laura gayle said...

I love it -- belly dancing! I should try that, as I have a fair bit of belly to dance with! Hope you've had a good weekend!