Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Jane of All Trades

Don't ya just love this Kansas City weather? Last night, instead of snow, it sleeted the snowed later in the night making for a bad rush hour this morning. Of course, I needed gas so I headed to the convenience stop down the street. Boy am I lucky I have anti-lock breaks. I applied the breaks before I got to the end of the street but started to slide into oncoming traffic. I stood on those breaks and finally came to a stop just in time. This was not a good way to start my day. Got to the gas pump and wouldn't you know the pump was frozen up so I had to pull around to another one. It was colder than a well diggers witch. From there things when pretty good even though it took 1 1/2 hour to do a 30 minute drive.

Now on to the Jane of All Trades part. I have been fighting with my sump pump lately and it finally croked today so the first thing I had to do was go buy another one. I always bet on a failure when I least want to be bothered with it so it stands to reason that it would be now. I have a neighbors who keeps telling me to let him know when I need stuff like this done but of course he was not home nor were my other neighbors. I jumped in the car and ran to Ace Hardware to get another one and got it installed myself, again.

This is a task that I end up doing about every 3-5 years so I kind of have it down pat. Ah, the joys of homeownership. That was $175 I would rather had spent on yarn or at least the gambiling.

So now I just fixed me some breakfast for dinner. Everything including bacon, eggs, and fried potatoes. Yes, I know that is not a good Weight Watchers dinner but I really don't care tonight.

Ok, I have whined enough. I am going to do some knitting and relax. I think everything is under control now.

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ChelleC said...

Yeah this weather is strange and weird. It's been a really TOUGH week all week. Whew! And this week has gone for FOREVER. When will it end? Saturday. I can't wait.