Monday, October 06, 2008

It's Blogging Time Again

This is the finished mitered vest. It is going to be a Christmas present for my sister but she has already seen me working on it so I am posting the picture. I think the colors really turned out well. It was my first time working with Noro Kuryeon. It is kind of scratchy but softens a lot after is it rinsed. I think she will like it a lot. It was very easy and quick to knit up so I may do another one for my mother. I think she would like it also.

Gracie really liked it too. She has been feeling a little neglected since I have gone back to work. Yes for those who don't know, I am back to work. This is my fourth week as USDA and I really like it so far. This contract is a long one so I feel like I can relax and settle in a bit.

Gracie has gotten very possessive of my time when I am home. She likes to lay on the arm of the sofa and get scratched and petted. Boy that is the life.

Friday I took the day off to attend the Speaking of Women's conference at the Overland Park Convention Center. I have attended every year for the past 10 years. It is a great day for all women's stuff. The day begins with registration where you are presented with a tote bag with all kinds of goodies followed by a continental breakfast and the opportunity to visit the health screening and exhibitor booths. There is a key note session with a great speaker.

The hostess is none other than Cynthia Smith who used to be the director of KCPT and now is associated with Shawnee Mission Hospital who is one of the sponsors of the event.

She is wonderfully committed to this event. She lets her hair down and is very down to earth.

After the key note speaker, we attended a breakout session. There is usually a really good selection. I chose Eating in Season which was very informative. The presenter prepared a fresh Marinara sauce that smelled wonderful. Unfortunately, we did not get to sample the result. This was just before lunch.

The lunch was great as usual. The Beef Producers sponsored the lunch so it was a very nice salad with delicious beef atop it.

The Lunch time speaker was the daughter of Allen Funt from the Candid Camera television show. She was very engaging and funny. It was a great time.

Of course the knitters same armed with knitting to do while we listened and watched. Laura is skilled enough to do both.

Carla and Lorena were having a fun time also.

The closing speaker was Dan Buettner. He traveled all over the world studying aging and where the longest live people were. At first I was not sure that I was going to be too impressed but I liked him a lot. There is a quiz at that you can take to predict how old you may live. It was interesting that the people who lived the longest were in Sardinia. There is not work in their language for retirement. They never stop working. Hmmm, is this a clue? Also, they eat a huge breakfast and smaller meals later in the day. No fast food there.

Saturday I had intended to stay home and get lots of yard work done but I got a call from Chelle saying that they were going to Old Missouri Town for the fall festival. Well she didn't have to twist my are very hard to get me to forget about yard work. There were several spinners there. This lady was a delight. She belongs to the Osage Spinning Guild. It sounds like it is a fun group.

Man, I think that catches for now me up.

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ChelleC said...

Mitered vest turned out GREAT!! I bet your sis will love it. Those fall colors are perfect.

The photo of spinner Karlene is a great shot. She really was a cute little character.

The raspberry jelly was great too. Have you tried yours yet?