Saturday, March 28, 2009

You asked for it... You got it

We have been under a winter weather advisory since early yesterday.  Rain, ice and snow were expected last night but somehow we caught a hole in the storm system and just back getting the icy rain late this morning.  How it is raining small ice chunks.  This can't be good.

I am trying to be more domestic today.  I made a pot of chili last night. Yes, I did actually make it from scratch.  Here my contribution for today, since I am not able to get out for knitting and coffee today much to my dissappointment.  Maybe tomorrow.  It could happen.

These are very bit cupcakes.  Not sure why I felt compelled to bake them but it just seemed like the thing to do on a sleety Saturday. Anyway, the house smells really good now so I guess that was the purpose.

I am also doing some Spring cleaning.  It is time to get started going through and changing out clothes for the season and just generally getting things into shape.  I have two ways to arrange the furniture in the living room.  One for winter so I can get to the fireplace and Spring putting the sofa in front of the fireplace.  I had planned on make the change today but guess not.  Maybe next weekend.

I have decided I need to organize my time at home better so I have time for facebook, knitting, that pesky house stuff (the grass is going to need mowing after all this moisture), and socializing.  That is my goal for the Spring.

I almost have the Summer Shell completed but will wait until I have it put together to share it.  It is turning out very nicely so I think I will like it a lot.

Now I am going to sit for a minute and enjoy one of those cupcakes with some nice raspberry tea.  Stay safe everyone in KC area.


ChelleC said...

Raspberry tea and cupcakes sound good. Love chili too.

This freak weather is tiresome.

Elysbeth said...

Mmnn, this post made me hungry!