Saturday, September 15, 2007

Finally, I found the camera. Here is what I have been doing lately. This is the Kaffee Fasset I bought in Columbia at Hill Creek. I love it but the repeat is very long. As you can see there is only one sock complete at this time. I have not had time nor patients to sit down to fine the part of the repeat I started in so my stripes will match. That is on my list for this weekend.

Here we have another sock. I have lost the label so I do not remember what it is but I like it anyway. comes with matching reinforcing thread. I have not used this before and not sure I like it. Maybe it will feel better after the socks are washed. I am trying a different pattern on the cuff that does not really show up well in the picture but it looks great in person.

I am trying to get these done this week so I can send them to my friend who is going to Russia. She tends to get cold feet and as I am not sure how cold it gets there. I hope she will have them to enjoy on the trip.

I have other thinkings I am working on but they are for Christmas to I will not picture them at this time. Just let me say that they are really looking good and the reciepents will be happy to have them.

Complaint Corner

It seems like I am knitting so slowly lately. Not sure weather it is the weather change or my allergies kicking my but. Just have not felt up to par this week. Several at the office have been not well either. We kind of think it is a bug going through the office. Hopefully, we will all feel better next week.

In general I have just been in a funk. I need something new and fun to do that will maybe inspire me. I think I am just bored with everything right now. I have plenty to do at home and work but just do not want to do it so I employ every avoidance behavior I have in my arsenal. I just need to suck it up and get things done.

I have much painting and clean up to do. Now that the weather has gotten cooler I can maybe get the painting done inside. I have not been able to have the windows open to let the smell out since it has been so hot.

OK complaint corner is closed. I am done.

Will to to SSK this afternoon and knit with the girls. That always makes me feel better.

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