Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Knittng Again Soon

I have not been knitting the last couple of days because I really need to finish up my delayed Spring cleaning. I am very close to be there. I have the front bedrooms mostly in order.

I got things in the kids room rearranged which was a big part of the effort. U had an entertainment center in there that took up a lot of room so now that is gone and a much smaller tv cabinet is in there. Also did the closet clean out so I could put my stash in there.

The cabinet came from the other bedroom where it was used for a nightstand. Will have to find something to replace it so I can finish that room. Now on to my room which is not quite as bad as the others were.

I have the clothes switch completed and the summer stuff taken to the basement. I am getting closer to reaching my goal. When this is complete I will have not excuse not to be painting the dining room.

I now have a theory that when I get my to do list completed I will get a job offer so of course I need to get on with it. I do have a meeting Thursday to talk with a recruiter who mainly does direct hires. This would be a good thing.

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