Saturday, November 01, 2008

I had a very good day

Yesterday was an excellent day. I have been working now at my new contract for a month and a half now and I am liking it more all the time. It is the first time in a while I have been able to relax on the job and really dig in.

I was request to write a user guide for a new segment of an existing system. There was already some user stuff for other parts of the system that the users really do not like. I offered up my first drafts, which for a tech writer is difficult to share, since it is very rough. But the client I am doing it for really wanted to see I sent it up.

I got word yesterday afternoon the the client really, really liked it and are excited about seeing the finished product. What a delight to have such positive feedback for a change. This after working my last in the past for a micro manager who gave very little feedback, much less positive.

It has been so much fun doing the work I really like for a change. The people I am working with now are really warm and inclusive to boot. The only draw back to this contract is the money is a lot less but as we all know there are trade-offs to everything. At this point, I feel it is worth it. This has been a big boost for me psychologically. A dollar amount cannot be placed on that.

OK on to the knitting stuff. I finished my vest that is taken an adapation from the Great Baby Alpaca vest. I used a Ashford worsted, which was a dream to knit with. I got it the last time I was in Columbia at Hill Creek Yarns. I would definitely use it again.

I am working on several other things I hope to get ready for Christmas. Mostly socks so they should go fast. I have three pair done and probably two or three to go. I can do socks pretty quickly go I my have time to get some done for myself along the way.

I am also working on the Abby cowl from Knitty

I am going to try it this winter as a head covering, since I have to park outside this year. I don't hats or hoods so this my be my solution. If I like it I may make a couple. It is an easy 18 row repeat and works up fast.

I am so excited that daylight savings time ends tonight. I am almost giddy. I don't know why it affects me so much but I hate it in the Spring when we spring forward and can't wait until it is time to fall back. It is worse this year since the fall back has been pushed back to November this year. I do pretty well once it starts but this time of year I start to get more irritable and I have a harder time focusing. When it is finally time to fall back I feel like all is right with the world. Not sure is it has to do with circadian rhythm or the fact that I am a night person but I am absolutely affected. I will be back to right tomorrow morning. Yeah! ! ! ! !


ChelleC said...

Hey, it was great seeing you today - it's been a while. Lots of fun! Hope the wedding turned out nicely.

ChelleC said...

One more thing - I love your shrug. That is darling! You are really being productive with some great projects. Glad your contract with the new company is going well too.