Tuesday, November 25, 2008

What a Week

Have been knitting quite a lot but have been to busy to take pictures. I am about 3/4 finished with the Abby (cowl) and it is really looking nice. I think it is for me and I will love it. I do not like hat,scarve, or hoods on my head so I think this will be the answer. I can have it around my neck to keep it warm and then pull it over my head with I need it.

I am also working on a scarf that is really cute. Veteran's Day Laura, Mary, Shari and I were at Knitcraft and a couple of knitter's came in with them on. It is very easy and can be done with any yarn. I think I am going to felt it so will see how it comes out.

I have completed every thing I am going do for Christmas. I just do not have the time for anything else.

I have been very busy dealing with a family illness that I will not detail but it has been real eye opener. For those of you who do not at least a will get with it and get it done. I have realized that I have been extremely remise in not getting mine updated and getting a trust done. Do your family a favor. Let me tell you from experience that probate is not a good thing. When my husband died it cost me $2,000 to get my own money.

I am making the appointment with the attorney every soon to get my crap in order.

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ChelleC said...

You have been going through a LOT.

I too, am making plans to get my Will in order - not that I have much, but you make a good point, not having one just adds to confusion and extra costs. Hope to see you soon (maybe today?)