Friday, January 26, 2007

Hi Ho Hi Ho it is off to the retreat I go

Wow! ! I am finally ready to go to The Studio Retreat. The Elms Hotel here I come.

Still have not decided which yarns I am going to use for the freeform class. Have done no swatches or scrumbles but do I care....not at all. Will fit them in to the fun as I can. I know that I will become inspired just at the right time and all will go well. As you can see I am taking just about one skein of everything in my stash so I will have plenty to choose from. I initially tought I could do a pillow but have decided to do something on a sweatshirt. I have a gray one that I just got and accidently got some bleach on the sleeve so I think it will be a good candidate for freeform. Guess what? That is going to be the creative part and will probably be the most fun.

Sure am glad I took today off so I would get some things done before I go. Had to be at the chiropractor early this morning so I could get a frame alignment. Should have gone after the fall down the stairs but was just to busy. I feel two inches taller now.

I also went by the post office to send off my passport application. I had indended to get it when I was going on the ill fated cruise that never happened, thanks to hurricane Katrina. Just for review, my friend Susan and I had pland for 6 months to go on a cruise, out of New Orleans, which was schedule to depart the week Katrina hit. the cruise was cancelled and we did get full refund but it was still a huge disappointment. We are almost over it. So anyway, I decided to go ahead and get the passport just in case I had a wild hair someday an booked a trip to Europe or or somewhere exotic on the spur of the moment. You just never know when the opportunit will present itself.

The last errand I had this morning was to the Watkins store over on Linwood. It has been there forever and I always go there to get my spices and good Watkins vanilla. To my dismay, it is no longer there. The store was fun by a sweet little elderly man and his daughter. He must have passed away because the building is for sale. Fortunately, I can order online which is not as nice as visiting the store. They have this seasoning that I love for soups and vegetable. Interesting enough it is called Soup and Vegetable Seasoning. to the retreat. I will be excited to share the experience with you all.


Jen said...

If I ever go to Europe I want to go with you. You seem so laid back about everything, and I'm so high strung. I need someone to remind me all will be well - just sit back and have fun. I'd like to go to Paris, Inverness, Venice, and maybe the Vatican

ChelleC said...

Hi Carol, it was such a blast being with you this weekend. I can't wait to see some of your photos. Hope you post some here.