Tuesday, June 05, 2007

New Camera

Last night I broke down and bought a new digital camera (pictured above). I have had my old one for a long time. Close to when digitals first came to be. It is bulky and heavy and while it does take fairly good pictures, I just wanted to have something new and more advanced.

The new camera was purchased at Nebraska Furniture Mart. They always seem to have pretty good deals on most things, althought as with anything you need to know your pricing. They do not always have the best prices.
Will take some pictures tomorrow of WIPs to see now they come out and do some experimenting with features....so stay tuned.


ChelleC said...

New gadget. Sounds fun. I like Nebraska Furniture Mart. I don't like their delivery - but I like the store. And since a camera doesn't have to be delivered, you're all set. Yay!

Laura said...

Ooo, nice! :) I can't wait to see the pictures you take with it!