Monday, May 28, 2007

My Weekend in a Nut Shell

Took my mother to Branson yesterday to shop a little (bought very little) and have lunch. Rather than shopping at the outlet malls (many to choose from) we chose to go to the new Branson Landing which is build along the water front in downtown Branson (down the street from Dick's 5&10). It is a nice venue if you do not have a mall close by but there is no shop there that you would not visit if you did. Nothing really original or unique. With in the area there is a Hilton hotel so if you were vacationing it would probably be a nice place to stay.

The real bite was there is a parking garage that was free when I was there when it opened it first opened. Well, the free is no more. They are cashing in on every car that parks at least $2.00 up to $8.00 if you loose your ticket per car.

The whole thing is a pain because you get a ticket with a code that you have to punch into get out of the garage then you have to put money in before the gate will raise. As you can imagine, it is a big CF trying to get out. Cars back up and people get impatient.

In addition to the kid and parents were rude. There is a trolley that runs down the middle of the shopping area. So I was trying to get Mom on and into a seat when some rude kid nearly bowls her over to get in the seat. I asked if we might sit there since I had been waiting and the mother mouthed off that they were loading to and needed a seat. Begrudgingly she made the kid move. Then getting off a kid in the back of the trolley was jockeying for position with another kid (both unsupervised) and nearly knocked Mom over. I was close to jerking a knot is his tail when the driver reprimanded him. I think he had had enough of these kids too.

If that was not enough, on the way back to the house this guy on a motorcycle was riding next to me and decides to pull in front of me. He almost clipped the front of my car then flips me a off behind his helmet. So of course I had to send one back at him. Mom asked what that was for and I told her he deserved on in return because I was not doing anything to menace him. Boy, what a jerk!

Today we will go to visit Dad's grave in the Veteran's cemetery. There is to be a ceremony conducted by the Korean War Veterans with a rifle salute. My brother will participating in the rifle salute. Following that Mom will be coming home with me for the week for a visit with family.

Well, that is my weekend so far......


ChelleC said...

Hi, I miss you. I hope we can get together and knit sometime soon. Maybe some weeknight this week. Let me know.

ChelleC said...

Your new sock pattern is darling - 1 pair of those is never enough! I love that Tutsofuti yarn.

Nice seeing you again.

ChelleC said...

Aren't those military salutes so moving? I was really touched when they did the ceremony at my stepdad's funeral.