Saturday, May 05, 2007

What I Did on My Day Off

I took the day off Friday to get the paperwork completed for the mortgage payoff. Did you know that in most states everything is not official until the release of mortage is recorded with the Recorder of Deeds? I found this out when I received the papers from the mortage company. It cost $24 to get the job done.

Since I was in Independence anyway, I had to stop by Knit Craft and found the wonderful yarn on the left in the sale bin for $3 per skein and got the brightly colored Trekking 135 (I think Chelle has some of this).

After the trip to Knit Craft I went to have lunch at Ophelia's which is on the corner. Ophelia resides in the building that used to be Osco (a.k.a Skaggs/Katz). It was such a treat. I had a lovely Blackened Scallop Spinach salad, which was devine. They serve warm bread with an oil/baslamic vinegar dip. OMG was that wonderful.

Since I was heading north already, I made my way up to Liberty to the shop there and on the 50% off shelf found the Artful Yarns Fable (top right) which is 85%pima cotton, 15% silk. It looks gold in the picture but is acually pink, rose, yellow, and green. Lastly, There were two skeins of Regia. They are the same color but different lots which to me make not difference what so ever. Each is going to be on a different foot so I don't think it make a difference.

I had such a good day. I just reminds me of what a wonderful time I can have when I semi-retire in approx 5 years if all goes well. If I can be good and save my pennys I can live comfortable.


ChelleC said...

Sounds like a really fun day! And yes, I do that that Trekking yarn. I love the pair of socks I made with it. I wear them quite often and even get compliments at work about them.

I can't WAIT till we go to Stitches - yes!!!

Laura said...

I think you'll be ok on the different dye lots as long as you keep your feet way apart.