Sunday, May 20, 2007

Do overs in Process

OK. I got a grip and finished knitting the yellow sweater. All that is left is the binding off and assembly. I am glad now that I had to redo the back. I was able to fix the flaw that had been bothering me so I guess there was a reason that I made the mistake. I had a short row that probably was not visible to anyone else but me. You know how it is the you know it and it bothers you it needs to be fixed. I feel much better now that it is corrected. Now I can go on to wear the sweater and be happy with it.

As for the shell lace border. I did end up frogging it back also. I only had to go back 5 rows which does not sound like much but with it is 5 x 300 it adds up. I am ready now to focus on it and redoing these 5 rows and moving on to the mineless 80 rows of stockinette. Onward and up ward.

I think this is the last thing I am making specifically for Stitches. This is good because I need to spend more time on my yard than on my knitting for a time.

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ChelleC said...

Wow your blog looks really nice! I keep wanting to change my template but am afraid I'll goof it up.

You knit so fast. I can't believe you are done with the yellow sweater.