Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The Tofutsies Project

The picture does not do it justice. The patterning is very interesting in that the cuff is shaded while the gusset and instep are striped. I love the feeling of the fabric. I used size 1 needles as usual but my gadge was a little smaller than normal so it was necessary to add a couple more stitched to get the desired fit.

The skein is wrapped very tightly so after completing the first sock the skein is just starting to loosen up. Since these are anklets, I can probably get two pair out of this one.

I like working with the yarn for the most part but it does split easily so you do have to pay closer attention to it because of that. The end produce is definitely worth it.

I am having a really wierd week at the office. My computer has decided to rebelle. I was in the middle of editing a document when all of a sudden my keyboard stopped working and the mouse when haywire. Fortunately, I had saved the stuff I was working on on a flash drive so I did have something to work with. I called our help desk to report it and got no assistance by the end of the day so I called again yesterday morning. Finally, I got someone to come help. This person was not sure what to do so took my computer to the shop and I have not seen it since. The fix should have taken maybe 10 minutes if they new what they were doing. No telling now when it will return to my desk. I do have another one to use for the time being but it is not the same. I hope I have it back soon.

Also, the guy that I have been working with on this documentation has been tied up for a while and finally had time to work with me yesterday but since I did not have my computer with the software I need, I was not able to get the work done. Is it Friday yet? I want to trade this week in.


ChelleC said...

I love your socks. Now what yarn is that again? Your pattern is ingenious.

Laura said...

You're right, the picture does not do the sock justice. It's much prettier in real life. :D