Saturday, March 31, 2007

Back from the Near Dead

This has been a miserable week for me. I started out last Friday with really bad allergies then ended up getting much worse as the weekend went on. By Monday, I finally made it to the doctor only to find that I had a pretty bad lung infection. No pneumonia though nearly as bad. Evidently, I inhaled some pollen which got into my lungs to cause the infection. I am on my second round or Zpak with steriod inhaler, my regular albuteral inhaler, steriod nasal spray and antihistamine. Also, strict instructions that I could go to work but then home to rest. No major activities like cleaning, lifting, pushing or pulling anything. Mostly, I just came home and went to sleep. I think I am finally caught up on sleep now.

Yes, I am feeling much better. I have most of the congestion out of my head and am breathing much better now. The cough is pretty bad so I still have a ways to go to get back to nornal. Should be in good shape by next weekend.

Since I have been doing all of this sleeping needless to say I have not been knitting. Although I can knit without looking at it I have not learned to knit in my sleep yet so I am behind. I started the Fiber Trends clogs last weekend but felt so bad that I have not worked on them so I am behind. Will make another attempt today to get the first one done. I hope to have pictures of the finished product soon so stay tuned.


Laura said...

Oh my! Poor girl! I'm just glad you're feeling better, never mind the clogs. I'm also glad you're getting rest and went to the doctor already. :)

ChelleC said...

I'm sorry you were feeling raunchy this week. Hope to see you soon : )

ChelleC said...

Thanks for going with us to the St. Lukes fitness thingy. That was fun. Especially since we didn't actually start exercising yet.