Sunday, March 25, 2007

I was able to upload the rest of the images I had. Not sure if it was a Blogger problem or a problem on my end but anyway here they are.

I found this wonderfun Soup cookbook. It has some great recipes for some very interesting soups. The best things is that the recipes make 4-6 servings rather than a big soup pot. Can't wait to try one of the recipes.

This is the lovely rovings that I found at Hill Creek Fibers in Columbia. It is very lusious and spins like a dream. I bought a pound which should spin up in to quite a bit. I think I will probably Kool Ade die it and make something fun with it.

Ah....the yellow sweater. The Lion Brand Microspun is a little different to work with since it does not twist very much which allows it to split easily. Once knitted it is wonderfully soft and I think I will love to wear it once complete.

The wool soaker is interesting. I think there is a solution that it is put into to somewhat waterproof it. It is used with cloth diapers. Any mother who uses cloth is a trooper. It is so much easier to use disposables. I looking for a pattern for this I am surprised at how popular they are. I need to sit down today and finish this one up to see how it goes over with its little user.

As I mentioned in the previous post, many in the SS&K group have started working on clogs. I am doing the Fiber Trends but there are a variety of patterns being used. It will be fun to see how they all turn out. Will post progress soon

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ChelleC said...

Carol, cute soaker! For a while, with Emily, I used cloth diapers and soakers. My Grammy made several of them for me on the sewing machine. I stuck with it for only the first 6 months. I was trying to be environmentally conscious, but after six months, I went to the disposibles.

The yellow sweater is going to be really soft I bet. I like it as a perky spring sweater. You really knit fast!!!