Friday, March 23, 2007

Upload problems

Well finally I was able to upload a picture. For some reason I have had difficulty uploading pictures the last couple of days. I am thrilled that I finally was able to get this one of the Trekking socks at least. The color shading is much prettier in person but it show pretty well in the image.

If blogger would permit I would have others to share. That not being the case at this time, you will have to imagine ther the back of the yellow sweater is done and I am going to do the sleeves next just for variety. I have also started a wool baby diaper soaker that is cute, done in a multi color yarn. This is form my friend who had her baby recently. Lastly, I would be able to show you the mernino roving that I bought in Columbia at Hill Creek Fibers.

I have not been doing a lot the last day or so due to allergies kicking in. I did go to SSK today and enjoyed being with everyone but I was exhausted when I got home and had to take a nap. When I have one of these bouts I have difficulty sleeping as well as being miserable. As soon as they trees get completely leafed out I will be in pretty good shape.

Today I did begin my Fiber Trends clogs. There is not a lot to them but you really need to watch the pattern carefully because are a lot of wraps, m1,k2togs and if you don't keep an eye on them they get away from you. I think this is one of those patterns that don't make since so you just have to do it and not try to make since of it. I equate it with the first sock knitted. Once you do it it make since, I hope. Looking forward to getting them done.

Well, stay tuned for more images with I can get them uploaded. Maybe I will have new ones to include.

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