Thursday, March 01, 2007

Here is the wonderful yarn storage complete with yarn. As you can see it is already full so I obviously need to get more. I really like this because although it has fifteen spaces I can leave out a couple of dividers to make the spaces bigger. Not bad for $33.

Here is the sock update for the sock that I was not going to do. I know I said I was bored with socks but I need some knittng to have in the car and socks are easy to take along anywhere.

A friend has requested to be included on the sock list so I will probably find some really fun yarn for those. I think he will wear anything I make and be happy with them. He is fun that way. We had great fun Saturday night playing Texas Hold'em. Unfortunately, I only had maybe three good hands so I did not win. promised (to myself) I have started a sweater for myself. I think I am going to love it. I am using Lion Brand MicroSpun which is a little difficult to work with because it does not twist together very well but the feel is worth it. It is very soft and has a nice drape. This is not normally the color I would buy but I like it for Spring.

Here is what the finished sweater will look like. I am looking forward to finishing this one soon and making another. These sweaters are so versitile.


Chelle said...

That's a very nice spring sweater, Carol. And socks are always fun to knit. How can you REALLY get bored with them? Nah!!! Making one for a friend is nice when they really appreciate them.

Laura said...

Ooo, that microspun, while a pain to knit, will be WONDERFUL to wear. It's already looking good, and you know I love that Trekking sock.

Jen said...

I love every sock you make - and I don't love every sock I see - you have a real *eye* for the yarns girl.

I'm off to Florida, so see ya in a couple of weeks.

Chelle said...

Are you going to Stitches? I signed up for 2 days of classes (Friday and Saturday)