Friday, July 20, 2007

Definitely T.G.I.F! ! ! ! ! ! !

I AM SOOOO GLAD IT IS FRIDAY. I have had just a stange week and there was not even a full moon.

To recap my week.....

Monday it seemed like everything I did was wrong.

Tuesday I went to lunch and my car was running just fine but when I came out to go home when I turned the key....nothing. One of the guys in my office came and gave me a jump start. I met my friend Jen at Social Suppers to check it out (more on that later) and when I came out, nothing. The car had to be towed in to the shop.

Wednesday the resultof the car thing was that the battery cables were loose. So this little episode cost a total of $110, including car rental.

Thursday I woke up with what I think now was a migraine without the headache. I felt as I used to when I had a migraine making me somewhat dizzy and sensitive to the sunlight. I was fine is sitting still but moving my head would bring on the dizziness. I thought maybe my blood pressure was up but when I took it it was 120/72 so that was not it.

  • Here is the part about Social Suppers . It is a place where they have all of the ingredients prepared for the dishes you select and you just go in and combine the ingredients and package them to freeze and use later. I went in to do the dishes I selected Chicken Maribella, Chicken Saltinboco, Meatball Calzone, and Raspberry stuffed french toast. The whole think took about 30 minutes. After Social Suppers I came home and went to bed and slept all night.

Today I woke up still a little dizzy. So, I tried the french toast this morning (it was great). I once again took my blood pressure and this time it was 152/82. I waited about 10 minutes then tried it again. This time it was 122/76. I proceeded to get ready for work and when I was walking out the door my ears popped and the dizziness went away.

Evidently, my ears were vapor locked. After this I have felt great all day.

Let the strangeness end here. Tomorrow is another day and I have faith that it being a Saturday will be great.

Needless to say, I have not done much knitting this week so I have much to catch up with.


ChelleC said...

Sorry you went through all that. What a strange week indeed.

ChelleC said...

You haven't written on here much. It was so good to see you again! and guess what, the sweater fits my Mom just perfect. She is going to wear a shirt beneath so that the neck and back aren't too low.

I am sorry to hear about your aunt's passing but I know it was a blessing. I also know she had a wonderful niece in you and she must have loved you very much.