Monday, August 06, 2007

Bad Blogger Repents

So...once again I have been a bad blogger. It has been some time since I have posted anything. Why? I don't know other than I just have not been in the mood. Rest assured that even though I have not posted...I have been knitting in preparation for Stitches Midwest. I have several things ready to go and a couple that I may have to finish while I am there. If not, I will get them done eventually.

This is the mutil-directional scarf that I started on the way back from North Carolina. I really enjoyed doing this. The patttern is so versitile since the size you make the base triangle determines the size of the scarf. It would be very easy to make it a shawl. The concept is very similar to entrelac. I think that is going to be an addition to my to do list, maybe for next year.

This scarf is just a simple stockinette done in ribbon. Not sure I want to used that again. It is kind of a pain to use and gets twisted very easily. I do line the colors alot though. They do not show very well in the picture but they are jewel tones. I think It is something I will use a lot this fall.

And now...drum roll please. This is the yellow sweater made from Lion Brand Microspun. It is very soft and should be comfy to wear. The only thing I did not like about the fiber was that I split all the time. I had to fix stitches a lot. I must say it was very forgiving when I needed to to that. It still did not make up for the difficulty factor. The other thing I learned is that if I ever use it again, I need to go to smaller needles. It seems that the sweater is pretty heavy and therefore, it stretches when worn. I do like the color.

On another note. I did listen to the new Harry Potter. Although many may have either read the book or listened to it as I did, I will not be a spoiler and tell anything except that I did like the way the story ended.

Well I am off Thursday to Stitches Midwest, finally. I have been counting the days. It is unreal that the time is almost here. I am excited about being with my knitting friends and meeting new ones. The two classes I am taking should be interesting. Russian Continental and Grafting. I hope to learn these new techinques and be able to share what I have learned.
That being said...let me at the market. I am anxious to see what new fibers are there and hopefully make some great purchases.
Will let you know what I fine.

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ChelleC said...

Your sweater is darling - and so are the scarves. Yippee!!! You've really been in a completion phase. Nice work.

See you Thursday. I am really tired tonight. Getting up bright and early (and chipper) tomorrow.