Friday, August 17, 2007

A couple of more things from my notes

I looked at my Russian Continental notes and had a couple more tips.
  1. Always...Always slip first stitch purlwise when doing garter stitch. It makes one loop for each two stitches. This make counting rows much easier and gives a nice smooth edge. Perfect for picking up stitched. This works great.
  2. When picking up stitches, loop the second needle through each loop along the edge then knit the loops. This makes a nice smooth seam.
  3. For a smooth bindoff-bind off on the purl side. This makes a nice edge to pick up stitches.
  • Begin by purling two together
  • Place the stitch back on the left needle lengthening the loop
  • Continue these two steps until the last stitch then pull the tail through and cut.

I hope you find these tips and helpful as I did.

On another note, I had heard of this the John C. Campbell Folk School some years ago but had lost the information. Just happened across it again and wanted to share it. It is on my list of places I want to go some day.

I never got to go to summer camp and I think this is the closest I will get. Just another thing to look forward to.

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