Monday, August 27, 2007

What I have been up to lately

I am long for some Fall weather. I think Spring and Fall are my most favorite times. When the temperatures are mild and the trees and flowers are beginning or almost ending.

I left a Starbuck's cup in my car Saturday and this is how it ended up. Poor cup, it did not have a chance.

Here are my latest Trekking socks. I have had the yarn for some time and have just gotten around to making them up. This pair when pretty quickly. Not sure if I am getting faster or if the pattern was just so simple that the time needed to complete was short. Nonetheless, I like them a lot. I made them with just a simple 1x1 rib since the yarn is so colorful. lovely little niece, Alexis,who is 4 and soon to be a kindergardener. Isn't she beautiful. She took her test to determine if she could go to school this year even though she will not be 5 until November. There was never any doubt that she would pass with flying colors. Indeed, she did pass in the 95th percentile. She is ready and excited about going and even has her backpack.

She is pictured here with her wonderful big brother Erik. He is starting Middle School this year. I can hardly believe that he is a 6th grader. Boy how time flies. He is a gamer who loves to play all kinds of video games . He is also a musician, playing the big bass in school. He is a good looking young man, with a kind spirit. He is a good brother who loved his sister and watches out for her. I think they will always be good friends.

Well, it is about time to get started on Christmas things for the ones I care for. The list of items to be made includes some sock, sweaters and who knows what else. It all depends on how much time I have how many things get done. Will get started very soon now. Stay tuned for progress reports.

Hopefully I will get my invite to Ravelry soon so I can place items there as I get them done.


ChelleC said...

Yes, I hate summer. Really can't stand the heat. Surely we will have fall not too far off?

Your neice and nephew are so cute. I'm glad she is getting into school. She sounds so bright that if she'd had to have waited until next year, she would have been extremely bored.

ChelleC said...

Those Trekking socks are really fun! I have that same Trekking and when I wear those socks, they always cheer me up.