Monday, August 13, 2007

What I did at Stitches Midwest

Well what can I say. You just have to be there to get the full affect. There is so much going on that it is hard to describe.

Here is our group before the Friday fashion show and banquet. Some of the group took the bus trip organized by The Studio in Kansas City and the others flew in on Thursday. I for one flew, since I did not have the extra day of vacation to do the bus.
I would love to post some of the pictures I took at the banquet but unfortunately blogger is being stubborn about uploading pictures tonight. Maybe everyone else with blogs who were at Stitches is trying to upload at the same time.

This is only a glimpse of what the Market looked like. There were 10 aisles of vendors with some across the back and front. Much fiber was felt by many hands during the time it was open. Those of us who were registered for class were able to get in Thursday evening for a preview purchase. It was nearly too much to take in. I only got through about half of it and had to go in several trips. I did not make any purchase the first night. I pretty much wanted to scope out the vendors and make a game plan. I had come equipped with patterns so I could make wise choices.

I ended up with yarn to go with some of the patterns I had selected. Here are a couple of my purchases. The Socks that Rock blow were not among the patterns but you know what? Socks are socks and a pattern is not always required.
The worsted my Gracie kitty is interested in is for a specific sweater. This yarn was on sale for 50% off so I felt good about purchasing it. As you can see Gracie feels good about it too.

A really neat thing that I did was some resting and knitting for Linus Project If you have not heard of Linus Project it if a group that knits blankets and sews quilts that are donated to children who may have had a traumatic event in their lives. It provides comfort at a time when it is most needed. The lady who was attending the booth explained that intitally she has approached Stitches to see if the group could pass out information. Stitches got on the bandwagon and provided a corner booth of the exhibit hall with tables and chairs. They contacted Plymouth Yarn who donated yarn for the cause. Knitters were welcome and eager to sit and rest then knit for a bit. What a great idea? There were enough squares knitted to make 15 + blankets.

At the same convention center was Wizard World. Basically a Scifi, comic book, video game convention. Here we ran into a few of the characters attending. There were many colorful people. I think this convention and was almost as big as ours. Everyone seemed to be having a great time.

This Super Man can save me any day. I think Robin was just hanging trying to pick up some tips.
Best of all were the Star Wars Characters. They almost made wish I was going to that convention too.

Well there you have it. It was a great time and I did not want to go home, even thought I was exhausted. I definitely will do it again. Maybe not next year (not sure I could afford to do it every year) but soon. Hope if you have not attended that you too will think about going.


Laura said...

I love the pictures! Man, wished I'd seen the Superman, too. Not bad!

Love your Socks that Rock, of course.

ChelleC said...

Yes,it was a great time. Unfortunately, my camera door was broken and I was only able to snap a few pictures before it totally bit the dust. But I'm glad you got some.

The other convention was really a hoot!

Jen said...

The scifi convention looks fabulous!!