Wednesday, August 08, 2007


HiHo HiHo it is off to Stitches Midwest I go. The day is almost here...I have been waiting for so long. I have vision of beautiful fibers and gadgets dancing in my head. Taking the class in Russian Continental and Grafting will be great fun but that is only a small part of the anticipated experience.

I am excited about getting into the Market to see what is new in the way of patterns, yarn, needles and well...everything else. My inital notion was to take an extra duffle to bring back all the yarn purchases but have changed that a little. I am only going to buy yarn I have not seen in KC. No sense hauling it back if I can get it at home.

I am off to finish packing now. Stay tuned for Stitches details.....


lauragayle said...

Have a GREAT time! I took those same classes with Galina and really enjoyed them -- and learned quite a bit. I took her shawl class as well and it was the best. Have a safe trip and ENJOY!

ChelleC said...

Carol, it was great fun spending time with you at Stitches. I didn't get a chance to see your purchases from the Market, but I'll be looking forward to reading about it on your blog. Glad to meet Nancy too. Chelle