Friday, November 16, 2007

Autumn in Lees Summit

This is the view from my kitchen window. What a lovely Autumn day. There is a crispness in the air along with the gusty wind. The only thing missing is the smell of burning leaves I remember from my childhood. Too bad we are not allowed to burn leaves anymore. It sure would eliminate the need for all of the leaves being picked up by the trash service to be hauled off for recycling. It would seem to me that the diesel fumes from the trucks would be worse for the environment than the smoke from the burning leaves not to mention the smell.

As kids it was fun to jump into the piles of leave that were so painstakingly raked only to be scattered once again. It is nice to think back to such times and those memories.

I have not been knitting a lot this week so I have nothing to show. I have been trying to get things done in the house and outside before I good back to work. I am still bored with the dining room re-do so I still need to paint. I tried the color samples on the wall and I think the base color needs to have a little more green in it to work better with the sage drape I bought. I think I like the living room color because it has a peach tone but very suttle. This is a to-do I need to get wrapped up so I can move on to another room. The kitchen will be next then on to the bathroom. Once I get rolling with the new contract, I may just have someone come in and to the painting. I do ok with the wallpaper removal so if I at least get that part done and wall prep done the painting is no big deal and could probably be done in one day.

I have so many things on my list for the house that it will possibly take most of next year to complete. With the painting inside and out complete I can start on updating the bathrooms and kitchen. Then I can sit back enjoy it all. I a few years with I am ready to sell, it will make it much easier to get it ready for market.

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