Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Life's Little Bumps

Well, just when you think things are going down one path there is a U-turn and you head a different direction. Case in point is my new contract that I was supposed to start on the 27th. Unfortunately, it got cancelled so now I am looking at other options. Not sure what the reason was. Could have been that the client was just not ready when they thought they would be or the project itself could have been cancelled. Nonetheless, for whatever reason I will not be there.

As you can imagine, I am disappointed but that is the way it goes in the contracting business this time of year. It usually means that something better is yet to come so I will keep looking. I have a couple of other leads working so we shall see.

Right now I am working on some socks, my hemlock ring (I am bored with it right now), and a couple of other things. Other than that I am just hanging loose trying to get as much done in the house as I can. I am still in organization mode so I am ready to move on to the next room. Wish me luck in getting through eveything on my list.

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ChelleC said...

Carol, you have such a good, positive attitude. I know you'll find the perfect thing soon.

Thanks for helping me with my own career "issues" while you are struggling with yours. Very sweet and i enjoyed the evening.