Friday, April 27, 2007

Finally Blogger let me upload these pictures. I have had them ready to show you for a while. Thanks Blogger for cooperating this time....please remember how you did this so we can do it again this easily next time.

Here is the Criss Cross scarf I am working on. It is simple yet looks complicated. The first 66 rows are a combination of garter stitch and seed stitch that are then divided into strips of 5 stitches each that follow the same stitch patterns. When done with it is back to putting everything together to create the part that goes around the next. Once again you do the split for the strips and repeat as the others then when they are completed you weave then. To finish up you put them stitches back together again and mirror the 66 rows from the beginning. I am about 50% done with it.

Ah...the big bag. Here it is in all its glory. I have not felted it because, can you believe I am not sure it is deep enough. I think I may finish it off with a darker trip so the BO's may be coming out. I want to do some more pockets too before the grand felting. I think it is going to turn out great.

And now for my newest favorite. This is the scarf I am doing in the Lion Brand Incredible. The colors really to not show well her but the are beautiful. I really like the gold, teal, and cranberry. The Incredible is not my favorite to work with but I like the affect so it is worth it. The only thing I really do not like is the way it twists.

The guy socks are done washed and ready to give to the recipient. I am playing in a Texas Hold'm fund raiser tonight to raise only for little league football. The guy who is receiving the socks will be there and I am betting (pun intended) that these will be his lucky socks. I am anxious to see how they fit and how much he likes then. I think he is expecting something very wild but I think he will be surprised at how tame they are.

Once again, I have started another pair of socks. I am using the Tofutsie that I got in Columbia at Hill Creek. I am finding it interesting to knit with. I for the most part like the feel of it but it does split easily. More on this next time.

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Laura said...

Cool! You'll have to let us know how the guy did with his lucky socks on. :D I LOVE the scarf. Way too cool.