Wednesday, April 25, 2007

A Little Bit of Progress

So here is the back of the yellow sweater. Yes, I finally got it going. I did this last night so it is going pretty fast. I love how the Mirco Spun feels but I still and not thrilled with how it knits. You really have to watch it for splitting. The good thing is that if you need to fix a stitch it works really well to drop down many row to fix it. The fabric heals very well. All you have to do is smooth the stitches out and you can't even tell that you dropped the stitch.

I wanted to post a cople more pictures but blogger would not cooperate. I have the big tote bag read to felt. It is going to be pretty big. I am anxious to see now it felts. Will probably do the felting this week some time.

and I have started a scarf from Lion Brand Incredible Copper Penny. Very pretty but I am not sure I like knitting with it. I have not done a ribbon before. It tends to twist pretty badly. This make it a much slower knit for me.

These are all my things for Stitches. Hope to have several more things done by then.

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