Wednesday, April 18, 2007

What have I been working on?

Here is my lates new thing I am working. The number of my WIPs is growing. This one will be a quicky. I have decided to do a felted tote to take to Stitches. I think it is going to be very interesting. I am using Lion Brands Landscape which is wool and acrylic. The neat things is when it felts the acrylic of course does not. The result creates a nubby texture to the fabric. I did a booga bag in this yarn that I really liked. I have two different shades of the same color family so it will be striped. I am anxious to get it completed and felted. That is the thing I love about felting, the end product has so many possiblities.

Also on my WIP list is the yellow sweater. I have the back and sleeves completed and will start on the front probably tomorrow. Should have it completed very soon so I can put it together. I hope to get another sweater done to before Stitches. I have some yarn that was originally purchased for another sweater but once I got it started I did not like the pattern. I think this is a frog situation to be used for something I will like better.

My focus right now is to get some things made to have for Stitches. I would like to have something for each day to wear. I know there are going to be many interesting things to see there.

In my wandering through bloggs I ran across this collar. I immediately thought of my friend Chelle. She loves to do freeform and I think this is the ultimate freemform project. Any number of varieties of leaves could be included. The novelty yarns add such a flair. It is called the Indian Summer Color . I think it would be fun to make but not sure I would wear it.


Laura said...

I love it, too! It'll be fun to see what Chelle does with it, though. Wouldn't it be fun if we all made one for Stitches and wore it on one day together?

ChelleC said...


And I love your Landscape purse