Sunday, June 29, 2008

Here Comes the Tank

I decided it was time to make something for me to wear so I started the Summer Tank from the Summer Knit N' Style. I really like the lace detail at the botton and middle. It is working up really fast so it should be a FO soon. Only thing I am concerned about is that it may be too big. I am using Cottonease and I am hoping that having the acrylic will keep it from growing like cotton can do. Will have to see how the back measures up and iff I feel it is big I will do as Shari with her tank and make the from the next size smaller. If that is better I will do the back over. If this one turns out good I will probably make another. I like tanks like this under a button down shirt.

SSK yesterday was nice. We had a new drop-in. She was getting coffee and came over to see what we were doing. We invited her to sit in and as a true knitter she had her knitting in the car so she joined in. It was great to meet her and we hope she will come again.

That is one thing I have to say about out SSK group, we love having new knitters and feel the more the merrier. I think we are a pretty friendly group. We are very good at sharing information and techniques. If you run across something in a pattern you are not sure about, most likely some will know or can hel figure it out.

I just wish we could find a better place to meet. Borders is OK but sometimes it is loud and the chairs are not very comfortable. Also, sometimes we get very loud and I think we might be bothering other people. I was listening to us when we got going and it was just like a flock of chickens clucking at the same time. It would have been a good AFV to film us and put chicken sounds. At least we have a good time.


ChelleC said...

Your tank top is very pretty. Love the lace.

Yes, we are loud, I hope we don't drive customers out of their coffee shop. Hmmmm. But where else can we meet?

Patricia said...

I live in Lee's Summit and am looking for knitting classes or someone willing to teach me. I can crochet, but have never knitted. Any suggestions?

Carol said...

Patricia Our knitting group meets Saturday 1:00 at Borders over as Summit Woods. Come join us any time. Also, one of our knitter's teaches at Mid Continent Library. I think she is doing a class really soon. You can check at the library for the schedule.

Patricia said...

Thank you so much - I would be happy to join you. I will also check out the library classes as well!!