Sunday, June 01, 2008

Time for a Change

Can you tell I had too much time on ym hands in the wee yours of the morning. One of the topics for discussion at SSK yesterday was hair color. Well I just happen to have some I got at the Last Speaking of Women's Health conference and I came across it going through a cabinet. I decided that I woule give it a try. I was supposed to be very light brown so I thought it would be suttle. You be the judge. Here is the before color.

Here is the after. A little darker than I had anticipated. Guess I didn't account for all the gray sucking up the color. The color is much the same as it used to be in my youth (a very long time ago). Well I had decided I was going to shake things up a little so this much be the beginning.

Today is such a gorgeious day that I have been outside planting things. There is much to do outside. Things to plant and dead stuff to cut out. I normal have all of my planting done by the middle of May. We are a month late. I got some Stella Doro lillies at Lowe's. I love them because the bloom all summer and come back each year. That is the kind of thein I am leaning toward planting so there is less maintenance. I need to measure so I can order pavestone edgers to put around the flower beds.

I would love to be able to relandscape the front of the house but that is another thing to add to the list of things that will have to wait until fall. The list has gotten very long but little by little I will get to it. I may have to start hiring things done that I cannot do myself anymore. This is a hard thing for me to decide but as I am not getting any younger and my strength is not what is used to be I cannot do the physical stuff as well as I used to. I new the time would come.

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ChelleC said...

The hair is really cute. I like the change - it's dark but not TOO dark. I think you're just not used to the gray being gone yet. I love making exciting changes, and those always seem to start with my hair too.

You've had a lot of stuff happen - but it's time for us to just move on and look forward to a better summer. Yep. Onward and upward.