Sunday, June 08, 2008

It is Storming Again

The weather has been so strange this Spring. It took forever for winter to be gone the we have had storm after storm this month. Tuesday we had tornado sirens then Thursday night coming home from salsa dancing there were 70 mph winds and torrental rains in town but nothing at home until 11:30 when big winds came through with more rain.

I have just lost my DirecTV because there is no signal. The wind is very calm compared to the very strong wind we had about 30 minutes ago. It really sucks because I was Tivoing something. I hate it when that happens. At least I have stuff recorded that I can watch.

I just love my Tivo. I was panicked today because my Tivo was not recording. I really didn't want to have to replace it right now. Fortunately, I remembered to recycle it before calling for support. I was thrilled when that solve my problem.

I have been thinking of trying the ATT Uverse TV to see how it is. They are really pushing it just to get their customer base going. Has anyone tried it?

I am about half done with the sleeves for Laura's sweater but I am taking a little break. I am working on something simple, quick, and mindless for a little while. Laura brought her finished sweater to SSK yesterday and it really looked great. She did hers in cotton and my is in alpaca so it should be neat to see them together in the different fibers.

I am thinking maybe it is time to finish the hemlock since I have decided to try to finish things that I have had started for a while. I got off on the stitch count along the way and I think I am ready to tackle figuring it out.

The storm is getting very bad now so I guess I had better turn the PC off. More later.....

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ChelleC said...

Yeah, this weather has really been ridiculous and I'm getting fed up with it too. Doesn't change a thing, but still.